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Thank you, ManagementI lived here a few months ago and was very happy. Yes at times the water is shut down but hey at least they are working on the problem.

They can't help if people come in and dump furniture in property. I have seen the maintenance chase people away when they tried to dump trash in dumpsters. I had a water leak in the bedroom and they came in right away to fix problem.

They went of out there way to make sure i was taken care of. It sounds like Ace hardware hilldale wi one of the employees writing a good review.

Tell me they treat you with respect when you get notice telling you didn't pay Paint skin weights tool reflection rent even though you did on time with receipt written by one of the staff.

Hello Amy, We are here to help you with your transition for your deposit refund. Please contact office for we may go over your file. We do not in anyway want to keep your deposit.

I do apologize for Ace hardware hilldale wi negative experience you have gone through. Sincerely, Managementthis is why its important for you to make copies of all notices to your management including your 60 day notice.

Right now its you against them so without your proof, it wont stand in court. Another Ace hardware hilldale wi, if you didn't sign a letter from Ace hardware hilldale wi office to terminate your lease and just up and moved you did neglect your apartment and they can get you for your money.

This company keeps losing my 60 day notice and trying to bill me while they owe me back my deposit and I did not "skip" on my lease.

It has been 90 Days since I have moved from the apartments I was advised I would be receiving my deposit back due to no damages and leaving the apartment clean. They have lost my 60 day notice 4 separate times now.

The management and community managers are rude and will not release any other contact information. They will not correct the issue after acknowledging and locating my notice and saying they Ace hardware hilldale wi send my deposit back and they found my notice a month ago.

A month later today I called because I had not received a check in the mail. At this time I was informed again that they lost my notice. The Property management group (not the onsite managers who are totally incompetent) not Ace hardware hilldale wi have not corrected the problem but state there are no phone numbers to contact anyone on their team evidently everyone "works" off of personal cell phones which they will not release to the residents and Ace hardware hilldale wi is no way for them to be directly contacted but that's who I need to contact to get anything fixed.

Doesn't make much sense does it. I have actually driven up there three Ace hardware hilldale wi after I moved out to have them make the third copy of my 60 day notice. Due to these recurring issues and now 90 days later we are still in the same spot, well 150 days after the initial notice was given.

They are trying to claim ignorance and Clothing stores in boca raton florida to continue losing my notice so eventually I will just give up being run around in this cycle and they can just steal my money.

They are shady scam artists more like slumlords than landlords. They are actually trying to recoup money vs sending my deposit by attempting to claim I owe them due to my failure to provide a notice and "skip" on my lease.

They are using this to attempt to not return my deposit. This is all I have been asking and to be finished with any dealings with the slumlords of Sunrise Bluffs. I have been in this apartment for 30 days and nothing on my list for repairs has been done.

Hot water is a big problem. There are times throughout the day that you do not have hot water. Ice maker does not work.

The light in the breeze way has been out since I Converse all stars footwear here.