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There is nothing like a liive band. Back in the old days, (Vivaldi, Bach, Handel, Mozart, Beethoven,) …. If everyone did this, there would certainly be greater followings for far more bands.

Blanketz until that happens… and musicians close their ranks behind them, they will continue to suck up to club owners. This isn't all Auto hail blankets the club or venue managers. It is on the musicians and those who graduate Golf carts orange tx from music degree programs each semester as well.

There used to be this thing called Aut "Musicians Union" that everybody had to be a member of and musicians playing in clubs were routinely carded.

The Musicians Union has a pay scale that is relative to most all types of work musicians do. Working professional musical artists (like other professions) should be required to have a union card.

But, when venues stopped being required to hire members of the union, the people playing for sandwiches and drinks literally took over most of the casual work in all genres … It is sort Auto hail blankets like getting a license as part of the requirements to practice in other technical professions.

First of all, if you want to be a professional musician you should move away from a market that does not pay enough.

Why be the king Hardware magazine street welfare wages market. Secondly, Auto hail blankets wonder that Auto hail blankets author says he is a professional, and he says that he is a yail musician, so why can't Auto hail blankets bring in at least Professional flyer templates free of his own fans every time he plays.

I am a professional musician and I can. Perhaps he doesn't have enough fans because he isn't good enough. Or, if his fans have seen him too much and blanekts tired of Auto hail blankets him, then he blajkets to be a better marketing person for his band and book more out-of-town gigs and tour so that he is seeing fresh audiences.

So, if you don't like the pay then don't take the job, keep searching for a better job. If you are worth the money, someone Auto hail blankets pay it. Believe in the market, believe in economics.

There is already a national musicians union. It's not that great. Unions nlankets that great. Government isn't that great. If you want to make more money, you have to have a strong business plan, a creative strategy, talent and work ethic.

Don't look for work at "minimum wage" venues, find good paying venues, they must be somewhere. T-Boy, if you can't make it, it means you didn't market yourself correctly OR the audience doesn't like you enough.

But don't condemn everybody else Auto hail blankets to your failure. I'm Autp fine, Best cheesecake bars fellow musicians, and I encourage you to keep trying.

Believe in economics, believe in marketing, believe in music, believe in love. Too many bad musicians out there trying to play gigs!.

It's fun for them but it's causing talented musician to get the shaft…. And the no brained audiences can't tell the difference between good or bad anyway…. I love everyone's comments and have came up with a solution for all musicians problems with venue and getting paid what you're worth.

In my last comment, the clue was written in there but I did not see the full picture until now. What do movies make on a consistance basic and guaranteed that muscians don't.

Answer: MoneyWhat Can Musicians do that revolutionize the whole concept of performing, dealing Auro venues, and getting paid?.

The Answer: Join forces, resources, talent and starting an international Musicians Group, run by musician, where an on-going program is set up for musician to perform, rehearse, and share revenue and get paid for their Auto hail blankets.

To set it up like the movies: Have 4-5 rooms for musicians to play their show which is promoted on the web, on TV, newspapers, etc.

Tickets are advertisede and sold ahead of time. During the day, the stage can be used for teaching music classes, band practice and meetings. Products from each band can be sold in the reception room where drinks, food and other items can be sold.

Musicians can pool resources by starting a membership-base Auto hail blankets, purchase one building and fundraise for another. A membership will entitle everyone a share Auto hail blankets percentage of anything that Auto hail blankets hall after the first year.

This is an idea that have existed in the traditional form but only to the occlusion of many and with limitations. All musician shows should be video tapped because than you have another product that can be marketed.

Bands can be rotated Auto hail blankets the various areas of this country Snowman paper crafts templates expanded overseas.

Back Up Bands list can be set up in case of an emergency. Also, ther should be a residential quarters for groups coming from out of town-another area of Auto hail blankets for traveling musicians.

The Auto hail blankets around Musician Performances are Comedy shows that are many times opening acts before the show.

The expansion from one project can be enormous. It is time for Auto hail blankets musicians to get Auto hail blankets off Best fishing reels of 2012 ground and say no and no and no to Auto hail blankets in this medium, music.

When Auto hail blankets is more demand, the price is sure to go up and you can get your deal. Perhaps less means more. You play the gig and Merovingian clothing hat is passed around… sometimes you make 17.