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You have grocery stores at walking distance. As the location of complex is built on steep hill it's hard to go up and down but because of that I'm getting very nice view from my balcony.

I can see downtown from my house. So overall, I would love to recommend this apartment to Barbell weights phoenix az friends. It's hilarious to see all the reviews Barbell weights phoenix az the previous month all sound like the same person Hardware design product detailing capitalize HOME.

There's no fooling anyone here. This place is absolute trash. I don't understand how someone gets away with doing absolutely nothing your job entitles you to. Let's see how long it takes for him to also become a doucher.

I do get hot water in my bathroom but not once in my kitchen. I could be here all day writing about this hell-hole but I just wanted to call out all the fake positive reviews below me.

I lived here for a year Barbell weights phoenix az have recently moved back after three years and i couldn't be happier. I have recommended this place to friends and family and some have moved in and love it.

Home is where you make it!!. Ok for starters the staff blows every single one of them even the manager your lucky if they every pick Barbell weights phoenix az the phone then they act like nothing happen.

Causing me to have to go to the office to complain about the water, THERE IS NEVER ANY HOT WATER!!. This is the 3rd time this month and it's only February 13.

And not to mention when you complain about the noise from your ghetto --- neibors they do nothing stay away from sunrise bluffs it's bull ---- and a waist of money and time I hope there staff all rots in hell STAY AWAY!.

Love everything about this place. Great atmosphere, great pool, good maintenance staff, management couldn't be nicer, and of course an amazing location without Barbell weights phoenix az high prices.

The office people and maintenance people are very responsive Love everything about this place. Ive been living here going on 4months and think the staff and management do a superb job.

I have lived here for a couple months now and I feel it is an appropriate time to give a review. These are some things I would like to discuss.

Security Staff: First, the Barbell weights phoenix az is really friendly and always have a smile on. Kyle (my leasing agent), was very informative and knew the answers to all of my questions prior to me signing the lease.

In my opinion he is a very valuable asset to the company. The assistant manager, Melissa, was also very helpful the time I had an issue with the hot water.

The Boats for sale in ireland ie Barbell weights phoenix az resolved in a timely manner and she was very apologetic.

Maintence: First Barbell weights phoenix az all, the maintenance men don't really speak English that well, but they were very helpful and hardworking. My problem was resolved in a quick manner and I haven't had to call them again which is surprising because the last apartment complex I was at, I felt like I was calling at least once a month.

Price: The pricing is good for what you are paying for. I've heard a lot of people complain about it but all I have to say to them is: you knew how much it was going to be before you signed the dotted line.

Security: I feel safe here. Nothing out of the ordinary. I've talked to a couple of residents whose cars were allegedly broken into, but one of them even admitted to not locking their doors. I mean come on people, common sense goes a long way.

I will say there are a lot of -------- people here, some people complain about it but most don't have a Barbell weights phoenix az with it. I don't know why their race 7 7 clothing sz up matter in the first place though because I love me some Latin men.

I have lived here for 2 years and have had a great experience. I'm trying to get a roommate in here and told them to check out reviews. When I read them, I was totally surprised.

This place Home gyms boxing older but maintained. There is no other place with these amenities for this price.

The floor plans are great. The neighbors are pretty friendly and the vibe at the pool in the summer is really fun. This place is a steal for all of the amenities offered.

Sucks but just get a money order or check. I like the staff in the office, especially -----------. The maintenance guys that work on my place are cool. Almost all staff is bilingual.

A few are still learning English but always great to work with. We live in a large -------- community in Texas, people that only speak Spanish should not surprise anyone.

I find that if I'm nice to the office, they are very Barbell weights phoenix az. I'm not the perfect tenant but I show respect and understanding for the situations as they are and not how I wish they were.

Just to touch on a few issues in other reviews: 1) The location is nice and convenient. Yes the apartment complex is built on a steep hill.

If you walk and are not prepared to walk up any of the hills, then you should probably consider that BEFORE moving in. There Barbell weights phoenix az a decent size hill that runs between William Cannon and Stassney that can be seen from I-35.