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I play a particular kind of niche music (bluegrass), which has not attracted fans since the 1960's. Clubs are not good venues for this music. Now, I play country, and the number of available venues has at least tripled.

But, we cannot guarantee audience attendance any more than the club manager can guarantee a convivial atmosphere. Your observations are tight on.

Bands, please do NOT play gigs for free, or for peanuts. This is def a hot-button issue and the MAIN reason we stopped performing in LA.

I get booked in other cities and states that are willing to pay a reasonable rate for me and my band to rock the stage. Seriously, I dont know anyone that will come near The Bars in avon by the sea nj lately cause they figure they are just gonna see some crappy band that paid-to-play.

Hey there, I wrote you back on Facebook with work contact. We'd love to have you write a guest post with info about booking practices in Japan.

It has been my experience that what your saying is completely on the money regarding the way most club owners operate.

The best way for a band to find better opportunities is to be more selective about where they play and to share their expectations with the promoter before agreeing to Bars in avon by the sea nj gig.

The less desperate we all are as artists to play out the more likely that promoters attitudes will change. If this means playing more house parties than bars and clubs than so be it.

As a professional, I seek partnership with venues. We are all in this together and it is important that we musicians show the Buy rave clothing what we Bars in avon by the sea nj providing.

It's like this in any career. In most professions, you intern first, becoming more proficient and more known for what you do and over time, make more money.

I really appreciate venues that are strait forward, so that i know what there is to work on in my career and at the same time, not play completely for free. The above is incentive for musicians to go out there and really promote, knowing that Bars in avon by the sea nj is in our best interest to bring out more people, Bars in avon by the sea nj we can still make some money and be respected for what we do.

Being a musician is not just about making music. We are a business, Bars in avon by the sea nj being a business means that promotion is part of the game.

And, isn't this all about reaching people and giving the gift of our music. I live 40 minutes from Pittsburgh, PA. Sadly, the picture you've painted is very true.

Now in 2012, I'll probably only end the year with roughly 60 shows. I'm hired to entertain people who are there. I always advertise, so if a group of fans follow me in, then GREAT but don't expect me to take a pay cut just because no one is coming to your venue… That's on YOU club owner.

Would you ask a lawyer to represent you for free. Would you ask a heart surgeon to operate on you or someone you love to do it for the exposure. Sadly there are tons of "scab" musicians who will do it because they are so desperate for exposure.

This type of practice makes it hard on independent professional musicians trying to earn a living. I've been fortunate in the sense that most of the people I've dealt with have honored our agreements.

You know, the types that try to cut your wage at the end of the night like mentioned above. I've decided to teach music lessons as a side supplement to my income. Trust me musicians, Where can i buy clif bars in london not worth it.

Choose your venues wisely. The ones I'm talking about think they are popular because they have a full calendar of gigs. They aren't educated enough to recognize that QUALITY is worth way more than QUANTITY.

Good luck to you gigging musicians out there. Just remember, Every Bars in avon by the sea nj knows what they're worth. Twenty people might see you play. Want to show off your talents and get exposure.

There might be a Sandbox helmets toronto people or more in a given church on Sunday morning.

Just a thought: We outnumber bar and club owners. That would create lots of jobs. I have been a professional musician for ten years and am making less than when I first started, everybody expects you to play for free even the members of your own band.