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Follow me on Twitter. The independent study was conducted by the University of Essex Human Performance Unit and commissioned by SKINS as Converse all stars footwear of its product innovation and technology programme.

Running economy can be defined as the energy required to run at a set speed and is determined by measuring oxygen uptake (VO2) in laboratory conditions.

Put simply, the lower the running economy, the better the endurance athlete. When wearing correctly fitted SKINS A400 long tights, runners used less energy at a sub-maximal speed (speed consistent with running mid to long distance), compared to when they were wearing only running shorts.

SKINS A400 long tights proved more economical and efficient. Between them, the reduced muscle vibration and the cardiovascular benefits of improved circulation promote better running economy.

So, wearing SKINS A400 means better endurance performance. Running economy (RE) is determined by measuring oxygen uptake (VO2) in steady-state conditions.

RE has been demonstrated to be a better predictor of performance than maximal oxygen uptake (VO2 max).

The results of the study by University of Essex Human Performance Unit demonstrated that RE was significantly lower (p Bars tampa bay area proprioception and muscle coordination have also been suggested as possible mechanisms to explain a Bars tampa bay area metabolic cost of running when wearing compression tights.

During low-moderate intensity exercise, reduced vibration of the muscles has been reported as a result of wearing Bars tampa bay area clothing.

Consequently, cardiorespiratory and metabolic demands are decreased. Consulting with NASA scientists and other experts, it took five years of design, testing and finessing before the first pair of SKINS tights were launched in Australia in 2002.

Word spread fast that SKINS help you perform better and recover faster. Pro athletes were the first to get into them and before long amateur athletes joined the party.

The company has grown rapidly over the last decade, and continues to lead the innovation of the sports performance category it created, but our attitude has not changed a bit.

Global growth has also seen regional offices open in the UK, USA, France, Germany and China and we have a distributor network that spans every major region around the globe. Learn More Join ESW Today.

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Never heard of proprioception. Proprioception is the unconscious perception of motion and spatial awareness. This reduces the joint support that controls normal motion effectively, and can lead to poor form and increased risk of injury.

In addition, an ergonomically shaped waistband provides additional lower back stability and core support. A precision fit based on 3D body scanning data maximises the compression benefits, while 360-degree reflective logos ensure visibility during low light activity.

This is what drives us to innovate and create the very best Bars tampa bay area products Merovingian clothing inspire and Bars tampa bay area athletes to be the best they can be.

K-Proprium is just the next step in our journey of development and delivers something really special for endurance athletes.

My first thoughts as I pulled a pair of tiny looking and rather spangly SKINS New K-PROPRIUM Compression Tights from their smart box.