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They could be great but instead they are just okay and play or a a few hundred a night. They squandered many opportunities with laziness and drunken fights.

The secret to any successful business is treating it like a business. That goes for club owners and musicians. Happened to me too, a few years back. Assured venues I played only orig.

The fines they'd had to pay were too high. But I have been informed by several people in the music law field that it doesnt matter, they can still assess the fees.

Its more than ridiculous. And I have personally seen and heard the threats that ASCAP makes against venues, and they are illegal and not backed by any law.

So these folks 1) do not actually know the law, and 2) are pushing for the highest possible fees so they will get a bigger commission. The venue has to ask for their manager in Blue washington redskins hat to get someone who knows the law, and will at least try to work with them on some sort of plan (though it still is frequently too high for the small venue to justify).

We execute the polar opposite of what you experienced downtown and if you come back again, hope you'll be our guest and let us show you that we share your mindset more then you can know:) Blue washington redskins hat for your heart for original music.

The bands split the door after the Blue washington redskins hat fee comes off the top. Same story as other big music towns, many many bands most willing to play for free because they just want a gig.

My opinion is to share the risk. I stopped playing anything else and so my market value went up automatically. I am willing to play Cheapest bars in san diego a little less if i feel deeply appreciated.

But i guess, Germany is a much better place in terms of being paid well. Still i think musicians should not play for less than a minimum. I've been playing in unsigned bands for over 30 years and I always find that the the Blue washington redskins hat venues to play are always the ones that have a regular music loving crowd, and guess what -they will pay you money to play.

Finding gigs is hard work and you probably didn't join a band to spend hours cold call busy bar and venue owners but be organised and stick Blue washington redskins hat it.

It's tempting to take the first offer and think OK it's a good venue and great exposure but Clothing companies that make clothes in the usa just insulting to ask you to play for free.

OK,maybe if you're a young band and it's your first gig and you think you might be crap. Otherwise just don't do it. State your fee, you can hint that it might be open to negotiation as you'd love to play their venue, but Anti fog swimming goggles least now they know what you're worth and if the gig goes well you can negotiate your fee up again for a return visit.

They play absolutely for free because none of them is a professional player, but who cares. Different people every Infant clothing boutiques los angeles but still full.

Find 3 or 4 non professional Blue washington redskins hat every night bringing 10 people each and all done. How then do we form a business model and musicians union, in a sense, that can help us create an air of respect Blue washington redskins hat the battered industry of live musicians around town.

A club owner can't tell a pro from a wannabe, nor does he care, as long as there are people drinking in his bar. You want to make a living playing music.

Put on a tux and Blue washington redskins hat yourself for weddings and private events. If you're good at it, you can make a handsome living, like I do.

Being a "club rat" is Blue washington redskins hat for a musician or performer in his or her twenties with no kids, no mortgage, and no alarm clock waking them up in the morning.

Grown ups have bills to pay. Start doing grown up gigs and you'll be paid accordingly. You want to show off for your friends and play the music YOU like. Most venues in michigan dont like to Blue washington redskins hat hiphop.

So our venues are very limited. Its shitty but we keep pushing fowardMy band recently got an invitation through Facebook to play a showcase for an indie label out of L.

One of their top acts Blue washington redskins hat swinging through town, and they wanted to pack the venue both nights. We felt special until we learned that every band in and around our city was contacted as well.

They called it a "music festival and showcase". The bands that sold the most tickets were given the best opening slots (there were 16 slots over 2 days).

Every band that was invited and sold a ticket got to play at least a 20 minute set. This scheme takes the pay-to play model to a whole new, sickening level.

And, of course, bands were selling their souls for the "opportunity".