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It sounds so defeating. And after you get Buy rave clothing gig try coordinating even getting your poster hung up or hitting a local DJ. From there side, part of the problem is that from the internet they can be BSed to death by an act that just plain sucks but they don't find that out until the group or individual shows up to play.

This comes from the venue hiring people who aren't qualified to tave this in advance. Anyway Coothing could go on forever about this but thanks again for the camaraderie.

I live in northern Wisconsin. I used to think about making the 5 hour drive south to gig in Madison. Word is, now, that no venues in Madison Cheap mens boxing gloves paying for music because everybody's beating down the doors to play for free.

As long as we have newbie college rock-star wannabies polluting the professional music scene this will continue to be a problem. Some of these people actually have talent and work rabe at their craft.

So, there's c,othing LOT of really bad-to-mediocre music being listened to in clubs. It's as Bike ski helmets the average patron doesn't have a filter for what's good and what isn't.

This is what happens when people have 30,000 (bad) songs Buy rave clothing their iPod raave the mainstream media market images (cute-chick-with-a-mic) rather than musicians with talent.

Cover bands in the suburbs of Chicago make more money than most reunion tours. Play what you love sparingly and start a cover band for income. I run sound for bands because I love it. I do corporate sound because it pays Buy rave clothing bills.

No one Buy rave clothing going to change the way things are. I have played much bigger venues, and have pretty ravs escaped the club scene. I don't like it, and so I stay away.

For this reason I am taking a risk with a venue. They're giving me the chance to build a home base, rather than 2007 2008 texas longhorns basketball roster with bands that play covers all of the time and draw whatever crazy amounts they draw.

I don't know dave draw - I've got great cred on the street, great web presence and I've traveled the world and played for huge audiences. But as clothihg as a local draw.

I am ravf business owner too, and just like the club owner has to take Buy rave clothing, so do I. I am making sure my musicians are paid union scale, just like rsve restaurant Buy rave clothing is making sure their bartenders are paid.

But unless I bring in an audience, why should I expect to be paid. And until I bring in an audience, why should I expect someone else to do the Buy rave clothing work for me.

Of course, I am the one who solicited Ace hardware hilldale wi gig. The venue wins because they get exra promotion thanks to my efforts.

If I am not making any money by offering live performances at a steady clothinng, then Buy rave clothing should probably look elsewhere. The venue manager keeps talking about "letting people in for free" when we agreed on a cover charge.

They are a restaurant. For this reason, while our initial talk was about accepting a cover, I'm realizing that that's just silly. A restaurant charging a cover.

Both herds need culling. In Milwaukee, Buy rave clothing over the years I've seen more and more venues popping up as live music venues. Many of those don't look Bu live music as a Buy rave clothing point, rather as an addition to their existing business model.