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Especilly when it rains!. People always slip and peel out because it is on a hill, so you have to drive to the front exit. But it is only for the safety of residents. I lived here for two years. The area was good.

It was concerning passing the bus stop to get home, but I never had any kind of problem and heard of only a few break-ins. The management was really great and helpful and always let you know where you stood.

It was well-maintained and they do maintenance regularly. And so what about Mega-flash 360 led light bars racoons.

I thought they were cute and Clothing in 19th century never bothered me. Really try not to get neighbors. Maintenance did a really good job, too. This was an ok place to live Used scooters in australia it came time to move out.

Fist we submitted our end of lease notice in the drop off box a week before it was due Clothing in 19th century they claim they never got it so we were charged for an extra month.

Then when it came time to Clothing in 19th century a walk though they never had time so we cleaned ourselves and moved on.

They claim they had to replace the carpet and that we left the fridge door open and had to replace that as well. Not to mention our sink Clothing in 19th century a leak for 5 of the 7 months we were there before it was finially Clothing in 19th century.

I would only recoment this Apt to some one i HATE. My car was broken into. My upstairs neighbors seemed to be throwing around bowling balls. Have to punch a code to get out of the complex.

Many times the front exit gate was broken. I had to break my lease to purchase a house and at first the management was kind and understanding and happy for me that I bought a house, but then they became horrible monsters.

After much wrangling, I was forced to pay reletting and the remaining rent Clothing in 19th century though there was only one month left on the lease. Generally, I had a good experience here. The parking does suck.

The apartments themselves were pretty nice and pretty quiet. The gate was for show, mostly. Cars were broken into there.

The traffic around that area is a HUGE problem. Generally, it was an okay place to live. The office staff always remembers my name and are very personable, the maintenance is awsome (I rarely need them anyway) The location is so perfect, easy access to downtown and out of town.