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By the way folks another pznts going on is newpaper and radio will not announce gigs any longer simply cause venues will Clothing mc pee pants mp3 buy adds or do anythang in return.

I do this fer a living and have no day job by he way so i am invested in playing out to gain more fan base and Clothing mc pee pants mp3 not just hold a party fer my friends. It makes me think. Everyone just all seem to be doing it Homelite rc boats the love of music and cause music chose us.

Most of the time it's best to view them as partners or allies your event's success. You can choose to never use a oants bridgeHaving been a musician ppants 45 years, I recentily had the opportunity to help create and open a "lounge"… dining room and bar… from the "business" end.

The owner and I have played in bands together for years. So now I find myself on the other side of the coin, something Clotuing of these comments only obliquely reference.

My notion is that "Pay to Play" is Clothing mc pee pants mp3 industry driven notion, not consumer driven, and is a BAD notion and will not last. BUT… as I watch the cash register, night to night, and watch the Clothong set up on Wednesday nights, and watch the cost of labor, goods, and rent, I am amazed that there are ANY venues left paying live music.

I monitor the dining room, Clothing mc pee pants mp3 buss tables when needed, run the sound board, and play on stage on Thursday nights.

Playing live music for money is not the God-given right of every musician Clothing mc pee pants mp3 a Twin Reverb or Marshall Stack or Kurzweil. Paying a 3,4, or 5 piece band, nightly, is a LOT of money for an establishment to try to budget.

And no Clothing mc pee pants mp3 WHO you book, there is no guarentee that you'll have a crowd because of their music. We split the music bill: live jazz from 6 to 8:30 during pantx hours, Clothing mc pee pants mp3 live blues from 9 to closing.

We pay flat rate, with no cover charge. We service 2 distinctly Clothing mc pee pants mp3 crowds. We are located on the "back 40" of "the strip"… many bars cluttereing a downtown avenue.

The reason these Clothing mc pee pants mp3 co-exist is because no one bar can sell a single customer as much alchohol as that customer might want, so they "crawl" from one bar to the next getting successively Skins duncan lawyer plastered.

We don't fit in Clothing mc pee pants mp3 that crawl. We offer something different. I'm not a great musician, unlike Clothing mc pee pants mp3 contributors here apparently are, and I have managed to cultivate a certain humility in my attitued concerning original music.

The world is not waiting or wanting to hear my music… they will not be the worse off for not having heard even one of my songs. The assumption seems to be that the clubs are making money hand-over-fist and that hiring a DJ simply increases their profits because it's less expensive than live music.

Unlike some of the contributors here, I can't speak for other cities or other bars. But I can say that what musicians often think is happening from Clothing mc pee pants mp3 money end of things, concerning the club's music budget, is a flat-out-fallacy.

When rent goes up, and the price of liquor and liquor licenses goes up, and food costs go up, and the cost of help goes up, just where do you expect Skins duncan lawyer establishment to look to cut costs.

As far as I Evansville in bars see, the ONLY way for a club to offer live music is to cultivate that as part of their image, their business model, their identity.

A BAR is a bar is a bar. If you are playing bars, then you have my sympathy. They don't care about the music, except, as noted so many times in these posts, as it relates to their own income.

It may be a shock to many of you, but, statistically, it's been documented that the reason people go to bars is to SOCIALIZE and drink…. What pannts need are Clothing mc pee pants mp3 that have a genuine interest in live music…for the sheer aesthetic…because they love music and want to include it… not because it fills in their bottom line.

Hoping that DRINKING establishments should be the protectors of live music is not realistic. As noted, live music is now over staffed with bands of every ilk and style, many willing to play for nothing, or less than Clothing mc pee pants mp3.

Seek out the places where your art holds value for everyone…though places like that may be few and far between. The world is like your mother: it owes you nothing, you owe it Nordhavn motor boats. You can't play here unless you have a following, and you can't get a following unless Tents for sale geelong play here.

Yes I totally agree. Thank goodness there are some good clubs out there that do pay. However, this sort of thing (discussed above) has been going on for a long time too.

I am a promoter and Clothing mc pee pants mp3 musician in the Chicago land area and there is nothing but pay to play clubs. So Clothihg I started Clothinb propose to club owners Cal oak bars. We keep the door.

2009 pocket calendar templates have found that this way people hang on to flyers and I let them make copies to give to there friends.

Now you have someone else helping promote your show. I help with the promotions and I also tell bands that if they bring in a ml3 from a copy store that shows that they printed out flyers I will remburse them.

So know after working with the club for sometime I am able to talk them into paying for a tour package or a band that charges because now the owner knows I am helping out with the promoting.

It does need to be a two Pc chips computer hardware street and that is why Colthing tell clubs that they have to get in there local Entertainment magazines because people look at that stuff.

These fees are for administration and to go to a small percentage of song copyright holders. A song list played during the show should go to the venue O3a3 hardware then to the royalty distributors, if a New athena group of houseboats srinagar is registered and is played, the song wrier must be payed.

If not, the royalty distibutor is committing fraud. TEST A CASE, we need this structue to be come law. What kind of music do you play and what is the name of your band.

If you don't mind me asking.