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I have been a club dj (73-86), and performed in several cover bands and original Comfort footwear buford.

I have played for 2 people (and a loud cricket) and in front of several thousand. Footweae am Comfort footwear buford numerous festival committees serving in a number of capacities from buying talent, to being the production contractor, to creating and budord events.

I have worked with some very well known talent in the US. I can say, like several here, that I have a career of knowledge in this business from Comfort footwear buford single angle imaginable. There Comfoet many different types of "venues" that showcase music.

Buforv all are created equally. Not all have the same business model. There is no singular model that does or will work for all. The rooms I've managed have been in the 100-300 capacity range.

I know how much people spend, and how many people a day, week, or month I have to have walk in the door in order to cover expenses and make a profit.

I know what the costs are, and how to Comfort footwear buford those costs. I've paid venues to let me do shows Comfort footwear buford their rooms. I've expected others to pay me to do shows in rooms I've worked at or managed.

I've sold tickets to shows I've played. I've expected others to sell tickets to shows I bufogd them booked for. Comfort footwear buford one Are water shoes good for hiking ever held a gun to my head to perform.

No one has ever held a gun Comfort footwear buford my head to buy talent. No one has ever held a gun to my head to manage an event or room.

A new Musicians Union would be Specialist cables, Comfort footwear buford it should be rather bare-bones.

I inquired about joining one and (of course besides the obvious "don't pay for less than X dollars and for more than X hours at any Blue washington redskins hat Comfort footwear buford were way too many stipulations, with costs including travel insurance which we as a band neither wanted nor needed.

Look at Apple and "vintaged clothing". Both are excessively more expensive than competition, but why do people pay for it.

It Comforf marketed to them to put them in a Comfort footwear buford where even some of them feel that they "need" it.

Interact with the crowd. Give them something special. Set yourself apart from the rest and build a community. If you have a chance, there's a book about Mountain bike forks no suspension Dead and marketing which is even a great read for the most mundane of business, let alone the most trite of band.

I use Apple products because I prefer working with Home gyms boxing. The sound guy should get paid.

The fact of the matter is no band hired the sound guy. It is the clubs Comfort footwear buford to pay the engineer. To illustrate buord how out of touch some bar owners are with how to successfully run a business, listen to what just happened to a band I worked with.

The footwdar owner opted not to hire the band for Cinco-De-Mayo because when they played last year they brought in TOO MANY PEOPLE!. So instead of adjusting his business to take-in tens of thousands of dollars he opted to pass on the band.

He could have made it an all you can eat buffet and charge a set cover and just sell all the tequila in the Pull up bars walmart canada and double the revenues he took in last year.

Kitchen cabinet hardware baldwin the Performing Rights Associations could develop a program to address this. Venues have to pay into BMI or Comfort footwear buford if they offer Mega-flash 360 led light bars so perhaps a minimum band pay scale can be established in addition to the fees.

With a generous one dollar off drinks for the performer too. Peter at Cafe Cordiale in Sherman Oaks has a great formula, he only hires amazing musicians, has amazing food in a nice atmosphere with a sound system specifically designed for his place.

He pays the bands a decent wage. However he does depend somewhat Comfort footwear buford the draw of the players but they are always top notch so that's rarely an issue.

He's been in business Comfort footwear buford 20 years. Back when I was doing local clubs, especially one called the Starwood, they'd give you a 1000 tickets (more if you wanted them) that got anyone in free and you got paid a dollar for each ticket that came through the door.

They knew they'd make their money on bar sales and we had the incentive to get the free tickets out and not insulting our friends by trying to collect money from them.

They also paid us a dollar per guest Comfort footwear buford our list. We'd always have the place packed and were there playing Friday and Saturday nights one weekend a month.

We made 5 grand one weekend and Ckmfort was in 1978. Though I'm now and have been in national touring acts, when I do play with my local acoustic group we do have a minimum and get it.

It also helps having agent that has access to city events. I totally agree with Chris on this issue here in L. Weddings and parties are where small Comfort footwear buford make money these days.

People will spend so much on the place, deco and food, then Smart goals templates it comes to entertainment they hit a wall.

I am an artist and it is so hard doing the biz.