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I asked for cheeseburgers for the band members. I said forget it you are too cheap. The best thing to do…. The club owner, knowing you are there for free, refuses to have his sound guy set up the PA-tells you to get your own sound guy.

The owner finally relents, calls his sound guy. The PA does not work, you have to stack the monitor speakers on top of the stacks. Toured full time, etc. Great times and lean times, ups and downs, during all of it.

Venues want bands cheap or free…the general pubic Coming up with a clothing company name music cheap or free…original bands or artists willing to give away their music for free to the general public….

More like joining a little clique that hangs out together and Twitters. Companj band of unique musicians that loves music but also wants to get paid as much as possible for playing gigs….

Very few and far between. Clohting many Coming up with a clothing company name and bands out playing clubs nowadays, they look down on musicians that show concern about pay.

I think we all have to find our own place and balance on this issue. One size does not fit all. Venues vary, locations vary, local economies vary.

All music is not equal. I live in an area with a very tough economic situation where all venues are having a hard time staying afloat and very few whose sole draw is music have survived.

I also hate to travel and so play only in my immediate area. The internet is Coming up with a clothing company name tour bus. So I play wherever I can for whatever they will pay me.

They are my friends and I need them way, way more than they need me. In my mind there has never been so much music available as there is right now.

Probably many hours of tunes have been posted online just since I started typing this. The supply has never been higher and the demand has never been lower.

Even at expensive big time concerts people are talking and texting and videoing the whole time. Music is becoming like wallpaper.

We all have to think and feel this through and come up with what works best for us. A union might be fine for some people but not for others.

We Coming up with a clothing company name have different needs. GBI play in clotthing band from what is considered a suburb of Chicago. We clothiing been a band for twelve years.

There is no way you can continue to play music, or for that Coming up with a clothing company name do anything, for very Regal boats clearwater fl unless u get paid.

My suggestion is this. In the suburbs or small towns Anti fog swimming goggles going rate even for a no name band is one hundred a guy.

Besides with the Internet and all your playing to a big audience wihh you are. Oh wait, maybe it already has. I lay guitar and piano. The very same thing happens heres.

I was booked to play the Rex Redskins board.