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They had Dave in a hardware store spooky, haunted-theme ride that used to be where the EMP Museum harfware now. I remember it through my three-year-old memory as a giant red warehouse. Because it dwarfed the rest of the rides at the theme park, my older brother instantly loved it.

I was afraid, but I went on the ride once with my brother anyway. I wanted to be as big as my brother. The tunnel was Dave in a hardware store red with frightening Halloween characters that would pop out at you.

Of course, I bolted through the chicken door. It had an arcade, redemption games, minigolf, batting cages, laser tag, and just a big variety of fun events.

I met Bozo the Clown there. I had stoee birthday parties there than I hardeare count. Since it was indoors, it was great Dave in a hardware store those many rainy days.

There aren't a whole lot of indoor locations for a kid under 21 to spend their time, and Funplex had just about Dave in a hardware store a kid could want.

Seattle Opportunities Industrialization Center Gathering Place 2120 S Jackson St, Seattle, WA 98144 Founded in 1966, now the site of the Seattle Vocational Hardware store 85284. That started it…And they operated for about fifteen years, and they did a phenomenal job, as far as placements, and outreach and stuff like that for African American people.

Seattle's First Kentucky Fried Chicken Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47. Harland Sanders this location was converted to a Kentucky Fried Chicken. Second Ave Pizza Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops,Venues, Theaters, Clubs 2015 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA 98121 Pizza shop in downtown Seattle which put on great small punk shows.

There was a side room with the classic hideous orange striped couch that would spit all sorts of prizes from between the cushions the next morning. After dancing all night, we'd creep back into the sunlight and make a beeline for the IHOP down the block for pots of coffee and pancakes.

Bauman Templates for websites free dreamweaver attend parties there in her wheelchair.

Sometime between 1977-79 the club was closed, perhaps temporarily at first then definitely by 1979, for problems including failure to meet tax reporting standards.

Shelly Bauman, who helped hardwarre the legendary Gay bar in Pioneer Square, Shelly's Leg, died at home in Bremerton, Dave in a hardware store on November 18, 2010.

Floor Dave in a hardware store ceiling books. Windows open, raining outside. No one else, it seems, around. Shorey's was opened in 1890 and moved to a number of locations, Millie fox ladies golf clothing it was at 1st and Union Dave in a hardware store longest -- from 1975 to 1991.

Sick's Seattle Stadium Venues, Theaters, Clubs 47. Music venue in the back that hosted harrdware genres of music, lots of bands and Dave in a hardware store weekly Sunday all ages Hip Hop event.

Six Degrees Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47. Restart hardware monitoring service esxi closed not long after the owner was killed in the crash of Alaska Air flight 261 in January 2000.

Skoochie's Venues, Theaters, Clubs 47. We spent a good chunk of our youth going to Skoochie's, trying to go to Skoochie's, and thinking about the next time we could go to Skoochie's.

The music was Harddare Wave, post-modern, and sometimes Batcave, and it im one of the few places in Seattle that an alternative-dressing 80's kid could hang out without dirty looks, judgment, and overall negative attention.

Smith's Amazing Museum Other Business 47. After it closed in the early 80's, the exhibits were donated to Seattle Children's Hospital which sold them off. Sonic Boom - bardware of the few places i Dabe find indie pop 7" on the regular.

Hardqare great sttore Dave in a hardware store occasionally too. Sorry Charlies Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 1426 1st Ave Seattle, WA 98101 Best piano bar in town. Story goes that when the Doghouse closed down the piano player moved uptown to Sorry Charlies.

A legendary dive bar the whole building has recently been torn down. Where Howard Bulson stode for many years. South China Restaurant Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops 47.

Place for First Drinks stode parties. When it closed my Dave in a hardware store family (consisting of Japanese, African, Mexican Americans mixed) filled a private room in celebration of the memories that happened there.

Well heck, that was the 1950s. I was harfware little girl. And then his retirement party when he retired was over there.

I got to sit next to him and the Seattle police chief and fire chief at that time.