You are bidding on the full purchase price of this home which is located in Ellwood City. This home is located close to 2 major interstate highways and is nettled in a beautiful area. The home has 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, full basement, beautiful rear yard, beautiful wood work inside the house that must have cost a fortune, attic, and solid BRICK. The home is livable, it needs minor work, the electric and water service are fine. The bedrooms and bathrooms are in good condition, but can use a fresh coat of paint, the roof doesn't leak but can use a new one soon, the living room, dining room, and hall also need a little compound and paint. I would refinish the solid oak floors with a nice coat of urethane. The kitchen currently has all brand new cabinets that are sitting there in the house that need installation. The exterior is in excellent shape except for a small piece of aluminum capping and a little clean up with paint to the exterior trim. The house is solid as a rock. The backyard is beautiful, and the neighbors are great.

********Please check zillow for additional photos before bidding*********

The home is located in a quiet and safe town. The home is located at 624 Park Ave. Ellwood City, PA. The house is being liquidated to the highest bidder. Make it a year round residence, or a rental property for extra income, or just a quick flip. Rentals in this area for a home similar to this one range from 1,200-1,500 a month, The house will be delivered free and clear of any and all liens, mortgages, and back taxes via a quitclaim deed. This is a foreclosure. The taxes are very low, the utilities are very cheap, the property taxes are approximately $1,100 a year, and this property has city water and city sewer, it does not have septic and well water like a lot of other properties in Pennsylvania. 

The buyer will pay within 3 days of auctions end, with a certified bank check or money order, or cash in person. The deed will be mailed or delivered in person depending on the method of payment. It will be sent to the same name and address of the winning bidder.

Please note that this property is being sold "as is,where is" in the current condition. The information set forth herein related to this property, renovation costs, assessment, annual taxes, and property condition is based upon our own assessment and information gathered from various sources. Please conduct your own due diligence and ask all questions prior to bidding.

There is a $300.00 fee to cover the deed preparation. 

Please send the winning bidder information at the end of the auction.

Winning bidder: Please send the name and address that will appear on the deed, please send your contact information including your telephone number upon winning this bid, please contact the seller immediately to schedule the payment and deed transfer.

Any questions that need to be answered immediately please call 646-932-2205.