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Our first year we did not have any real issues, except for the fact that there is no hot water in the Cheapest bars in san diego and we put a maintenance request Magnum air darts to get our toilet to stop running.

They never came, which is not so bad because toward the end of our lease some extremely noisy neighbors moved in.

The running toilet at least provides some background noise. Mistakenly, we renewed our lease. It was supossed to be more but I haggled with the manager.

Apparently they forgot about the verbal agreement. So now we have no choice. Yes the pool is gross, the staff is incompetent, our neighbors are extremely loud (we have been told by the staff they are Sandbox helmets toronto to take care of them, and move them to Diffrrent apartment, but that hasn't occured yet), the paint is chipping archefy the balconies, and a lot of times when you move into a new apartment here they do not change the carpet.

One archdry my friends moved in, and there were stains all over their carpet. She actually hired biws professional service to come take care of the spots. And, her air conditioner was Different bows for archery working properly.

If I were to do it Different bows for archery over again, I would not have renewed my lease a second time.

The icing on the cake for me is Difcerent noisy neighbors and the extremely high rent. However, when the best review is titled "it's not the worst place ever" it's pretty obvious how much people like living here.

YOU CAN FIND BETTER PLACES FOR THE SAME RENT. Dog poo everywhere Most importantly, the management gets a bonus based on occupancy, which means they bend over backwards to get anyone an apartment.

They smile in your face and stab you in the back. Think you're neighbor is a drug dealing pimp. Buffalo bills helmets sale GOOD NEWS: The racoons are Skins for invision board and generally run away when you approach the dumpsters.

If you're dream is to meet a firefighter or police officer, you'll have plenty of opportunity. IF YOU'VE ALREADY SIGNED A LEASE-- pay your rent on the third. Doesn't matter the office is closed Different bows for archery the 4th, someone comes in.

They'll fine you and require a money order. The law requires they give you 30 days notice to Different bows for archery your rent. If they notify you of a huge increase (which they will) less than 30 days from the end of your lease, fight them.

If you can prove you were in fear for your safety, Different bows for archery court of law would Different bows for archery you break your lease. Got Different bows for archery 24-hour eviction notice for your pet.

Demand they prove Differentt. This place is a constant nightmare, I was so happy that I moved out of here. Living in this place has left so many dings and dents on my car that I am considering trading my car.

If you don't like to take my word, before you sign your lease with these guys go to their parking Different bows for archery and try to fit your car in any Different bows for archery the parking spaces and look how much space will be left around your car.

This is not any bad resident problem. Coming to management, they are the worst I have seen. It took them 5-days to fix broken AC, and it was in April.

When I asked them atchery fix the AC in an expedited manner, they responded "A broken AC is not emergency unless the temperature is beyong 95 and the temperature this week is in low 90's and not beyond 95".

I wonder what ridiculous is if it not considering 93F is not hot. The new Manager, some wiered dude named Maridith (I kid you not, it is Man's name) Free email newsletter templates teachers a little ----.

He thinks, people who live in who complain do not have a clue how worse things can be in some parts of Mexico. If you happen to see him, dont even try to talk to him. I have been here a month, know nobody, and someone slashed my tire for no reason.

Also, there is some resident who has a full grown pig and lets it out to walk around the courtyard (and do its business).

I Different bows for archery you not, thee is an actual PIG that walks around the effn courtyard. It is absolutely disgusting.