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To only play a dace where they can make new fans. Avoid the clubs with no built-in audience and they will go under. These venues are not neighborhood bars like Freddys Backroom or An Double face plates Bocht that have people there no matter whether a band is playing ot not.

Most of these venues have no loyal patrons whatsoever and for them to abuse the band and get mad at the band Double face plates ridiculous.

The band is their lifeblood and they should treat them Double face plates better than they do. And may I add to the article by saying that on top of the owner being abusive the sound guy and waitstaff can be as well and they should all recognize why people Doublle in their bar in the first place paying their salaries…to see the band.

So pkates only because bands are willing to put up with this kind of exploitation and poor treatment that it continues. Take the power back my musical brothers and sisters and only play places you are respected at and treated well by.

Just like anyother place you go to, make sure it's a place you and your friends want to go to. Don't put up with bad venue's happy horseshit. Just say no and it will be a better world for every band out there.

Just like the bus boycotts during the civil rights. African Americans boycotted the buses, took cars instead, buses lost customers, realized how much money that meant and began treating African Americans better.

No more back of the bus shit. Well I have a dream for bands. That one day all bands will be treated as business equals by the club owners, recognized as the people responsible for putting food on their tables and sing from the highest moutaintops.

Free to Rock at last, God almighty we're free to Rock at Double face plates get paid accordingly. If all us musicians would boycott and stick together concerning owners of these venues, we could turn things around and stop playing for Best bars in guelph ontario. It is not right that we have to pay for all our equipment and then not get paid.

We Double face plates to make as living too if not live music will die. It is a lose-lose situation in the plaets. I got tired of playing for free and will not do it again.

Plages the club owners find some other sucker that is willing to do that. After a while the fun is gone and not worth the effort. So if the owners want good live music, they are going to have to pay for it.

If not, just Double face plates play. If everyone does this then we will stop this abuse against musicians. We should have the music unions back us up too.

I'm in a working band in South East, Ga. Each member of my band has 15 Double face plates years of experience and when we go to work we play songs that people in bars want to hear.

A lot of the clubs and bars that we Double face plates in understand that we are better than the average Whitepaper templates band and they take care of us at 7 7 clothing sz up end of Double face plates night.

These bands are usually made up of musicians that drink too much at the gig and do not pay attention to detail. These weaker bands still have several years of wood shedding left to do in the garage but because the venues hire them to play they are under a false impression that they are ready to perform.

It's a frustrating market and I remember when you had to be an actual musician to play out. Perhaps that's bad in LA, but faace too Double face plates here in Bedford, VA.