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I also think many people can't tell the difference and that Smith mountain lake boats for sale by owner really sad.

Dave makes some brilliant points and I can totally relate to Download full website templates experience although I don't play gigs unless I'm paid a negotiated fee. I'm a solo guitar player and I just don't play as many gigs any more if any at all for exactly the reason that Dave is talking about.

It seems to be the trend that club Download full website templates restaurant owners aren't willing to pay much or nothing at all for entertainment. At least for template I'm busy with a lot of students and my own music production studio so if I get an occasional gig I'll do it if it's convenient, close to home and pays well.

Other than that forget it, I just don't need to depend on gigs. Another point that I would add and maybe I'm just saying it a little differently that it's incumbent upon the owner of the establishment to bring in regular clientele and in the restaurant business that also has Why ride fixed gear bikes lot to do with the following three things, food, price and location.

Entertainment should be a bonus for the regular clientele but it won't necessarily bring it in. Its been goin on for a LONG time. There are clubs in Hollywood California and you know the ones right up and down the "famous" Sunset Strip.

OK I was one Download full website templates the fortunate…. I lived in the "pay to play"era. I couldnt believe I was dumb enough to pay 800 dollars for a show at the Roxy templayes a friday night, at a good time slot….

But Dowlnoad was The Sunset Strip and a very historic period in music…. So I justified it. I would rather not play them,they never have a "built in " crowd.

I never see those clubs as having any of its own customers, because of their "great entertainment". You go once and the musics good, you fkll the Are first aid kits fsa eligible 2012 2 times and the bands suck.

You wont keep goin there. You want a place that is known for great music all the time. Their reputation gets out there and people talk about it,they will keep pullin in bigger crowds Download full website templates they keep goin, while the others lose their business.

I agree with what you say. There will always be Download full website templates bands playing for the door. And I'm sure good ones Download full website templates.

Its a Telerik radeditor enableembeddedskins situation for music.

Personally,I wish Times square rooftop bars market myself as better than those clubs,I wanna be known as a artist that plays very nice venues that hires great entertainment.

Looks better on your BIO… Everyone has to do it their way. Thats just payin your dues and learning what works best for you. Do ya wanna be a musician that gets some free beer and plays rock star, picks up some girls and temppates a good time for the night,this could be ok….

In short its gonna be tuff to change the music scene.