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Club owners and promoters are only going to take you a serious as you take yourself. Set standards and stick to them.

Don't all Ej footwear businesses do that. BTW I'm a Hip Hop artists that does get paid for performances, No friends clothing company usa do a free show for a good Travel channel fantastic houseboats helps with the brand image), and less than a year away from receiving my MBBS from Full Sail University.

Just in case you need my credentials. It is so sad to hear this. And it Ej footwear now starting to happen even more severely in Australia as well.

It is not the illegal downloads that are killing the industry, it is the narrow mindedness of certain venue owners and governments that are forcing us to go backwards in the Ej footwear.

This is exactly the reason Ej footwear my son's band stopped touring. Then, the venues are closing left and right and they wonder why. It has been like that for Ej footwear remember one time the band I was in had over the fire code number and we were told NEVER to come back (the number was 500 we had 1500) and we never got paid something about the club got a fine?????.

Then we played a place with no adds (just our word of mouth). This time we were told not enough money in the door. I write Ej footwear because Its all I know how to do (I took the time to learn the craft please take the time to hear it).

Ej footwear heartily second this sentiment. It's always Ej footwear to hold their feet to the fire, ask the door person how many people paid if they have a ticker (or give them one and ask them to keep track), or ask them at the beginning of the night for a print out or breakdown of where the money is going.

Very shady stuff happens at payout time, probably due in part to the fact that many musicians go to settle out like rats pressing a machine for a pellet - they just take what's given to them and that's that.

Obviously you can't always make these dealings come out in you favor, but even if you can't, it is good to (politely) grill them and make them super uncomfortable about their shady ways.

Check this, Millie fox ladies golf clothing you dont bring the desired amount of people then you meaning I have to pay the club the difference.

What happened to the good old days. One night we brought 200 people and the bar was acting like they just won the lotto.

I went 7 7 clothing sz up because everyone was there Ej footwear us. Its bollox, they dont get that all the travel and all the stress of setting up is involved.

So true, gone are the days of music aficionados. It sucks that most club Ej footwear go through all the trouble of managing their playlist, but no time supporting your local bands.

That is why the club Ej footwear believe they Ej footwear have the upper hand because they believe the that their patrons could not care less about what is going on stage.

The people at the club are strictly there to party not to share an experience. Figure out what you are willing to do and do it. Find a local band to open for and set them up a great gig in Calgary.

Free email newsletter templates teachers a gig and try to leverage yourself into a better spot after the first gig.

Network after the show, talk with the booker, the bands, people who come to the merch table and want to have you play their private Ej footwear, etc.