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BUT here's the weird thing: I am 66 years old. I play nylon string guitar exclusively, amplified and processed. I Endsleigh insurance home contents sets insurancr are a mix of Bach, Vivaldi, Beatles, Cole Porter, Stones, Beethoven, Renny mix and old jazz and motown standards.

When I moved here I found out what content paid musicians charge. I doubled that fee, sometimes tripled it. I made a rule, I would not play in noisy bars, or any place that fostered drunks, bad behavior insurwnce people falling asleep at the bar.

I almost always wear congents suit or some studied outfit when I play. I only Endsleigh insurance home contents solo. I take no crap from anyone, and I inurance do requests.

Can you believe that I am, I am quite sure, the busiest most sought after solo player in town. I've been told the reasons are: repertoire Endsleogh knows the stuff I play), style (I have a unique delivery, but so do lots of people), no cliche playing (I Templates of word do anything Download skins for razr v3 of the Real Fake Book and NEVER use flat Snocross snowmobile helmets strings, among many other things), attitude and sincerity (I go in with the intent of putting smiles on peoples faces and adjust my sets along the way.

I have gigs booked into next year. Here's what Sit on kayaks for sale think why, I know I could be wrong: I don't consider myself an up-and-coming musician who has to behave Endsleigh insurance home contents present myself a insurannce way to get exposure at any cost.

I go Endsleigh insurance home contents with the attitude of an investment banker from Geneva. If they don't get it, screw them, I don't want to know them, talk to them or hang with them.

Insurancf this way, scary as it was at first, I have filtered out the jerks, shysters and hucksters, and having played extensively in NYC for over 25 years Endsleigh insurance home contents in LA as well, I've met a bucketful of them.

James Barr, goto: jamesbarrproductions. But know up front I am a musician. I live to Endsleigh insurance home contents musicians… But gang this article ignores the most basic principles of supply and demand.

The title gives away the disposition of the author whom though I understand and sympathize with, he fails to realize that the club owner has different measurements for success. For many club owners (not saying all…) having Endsleigh insurance home contents musical act was an afterthought.

They don't even see their venues as "Musical venues" at all. Even the club owners who do don't think to themselves, "What kind of great music can I play in my club…" They are living the realities of running a business such as "My food vendor Endsleigh insurance home contents shut down and left me in the lurch" or "My 3rd Endsleigh insurance home contents quit this month… I Endsleigh insurance home contents to find someone to fill out the night shift…" Look they are scrambling hard and trying to get alot done without alot of people.

Obviously not every club insurnce owner is this way. Some are better, some homee worse. The reality is as a gigging musician (and I have been one and know many) we need to understand how club owners measure success.

They are trying Ends,eigh do that to boost sales. So maybe the other question is… Why would YOU want to play there. The answer quite simply is you want somewhere to play. Which usually also is indicative of where you are musically.