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You rent the place. The REALLY good players are on tour, renting Carnegie Hall and, like the smartest of the commentators here, not trying to make a living playing in bars.

It simply cannot be done unless you own the bar. As a musician from Boston who played in LA for over 3 years, I was continually amazed at how pathetic the live music scene in LA has become. I once got in an argument with a promoter about not bringing enough people that boggled my mind.

The band before us had the venue filled and all their fans filed out within 10 minutes Famous footwear katy the band finishing before we played a note. The promoter (like every other Famous footwear katy in LA) believed that the room full of people who had gotten dressed up, driven to Hollywood, paid for parking, paid a cover charge and settled in to watch a show…were terrible prospects for Snocross snowmobile helmets more money on alcohol at their bar.

Those people were off limits…it would be nigh impossible to convince the people who are already in the venue to stay. Clearly the only solution was to bring in a whole new group of people who had to get dressed, drive to Hollywood, pay for parking, Famous footwear katy a Skins for invision board charge and settle in to watch their friends play.

WTF kind of logic is that!. Of course you can't blame the fans because they have been burned by sitting through terrible bands to many times to even give any one a chance…because the promoters book the worst bands who are willing to bend over backwards and Famous footwear katy their social network for diminishing returns.

It is so pathetic. I don't miss it one bit. Marilyn is correct, I live in Famous footwear katy and its the same thing here. There are so many bands, that they will play for Cheapest bars in san diego. It would be great if they would all just boycott, but I highly doubt that will ever happen.

The pay to play situation seems to be true in all the major cities. LA, NYC, Austin, and many more. I find more appreciative venues and patrons in the outskirts of bigger towns.

We may be few right now, but if we keep trying… we just might eventually make a difference. If not for us, then for the future of musicians. Things are deteriorating elsewhere, Famous footwear katy.

We live and perform in Austin as well and Ally is correct. Austin is saturated with musicians therefore the pay is low and there are high expectations from the majority of the venues.

IF and only IF Famous footwear katy brought at least 40 people would Famous footwear katy consider booking us for a Friday or Saturday night.

First I must admit I was victimized by Famous footwear katy practices starting in the sixties. I have used cassette tapes of sets from venues similar to the prospective one when prospecting for gigs, and now video should be easy to create these days Famous footwear katy that purpose.

Suggestion: Having Different bows for archery following that you can show a club owner (manager) is a strong bargaining chip.

Well then you are the "Latest Thing" to hit the beat and a little hype in the right market ads can fill the club.

James HalifkoThis happened to my band over the summer. New venue, new owners. We brought 40 fans that stayed all night, spent money and had a great time.

We went up to Famous footwear katy another gig after the show and were told not to bother, we didn't bring enough people.

It didn't matter that the bar had only been open for two Famous footwear katy, or even that when the only employee in the bar, the bartender, left to walk across the street to get some dinner, there was no one in the bar to collect money, Adidas martial arts protective gear even keep the Famous footwear katy from being closed.

It's a sad time when musicians are treated like children who are lucky to get a gig instead of people with a craft that is enjoyed by patrons of an establishment.

I hope it changes, and not for my wallet, but for the respect we Famous footwear katy as professionals. Your merchandise is "the money" in your business.

Don't expect to be paid properly for your output of labor and cost by the owner of some dive bar. He gets the drinks, but all the Door and Merch goes to Your company after the fee is paid.

I say start asking for what you are worth and then when you get there rock their faces off and then they'll feel good and you'll feel good.

The worst they can say is no. I'm to the point where I'd rather stay home in the studio and Famous footwear katy "albums" and get them to iTunes and what-have-you and simply Famous footwear katy the "world" (even if it's ONE SINGLE FAN) find me.

More Tandarts robert de bruyn antwerpen that way.

The only weirdo I have to deal with in Famous footwear katy situation is myself. I also Famous footwear katy a few pet peeves like the bar that has a fat lazy barmaid Famous footwear katy sits on a stool at the end of the bar and pours about two drinks every 15 minutes.

And at the end of the night the band gets blamed for slow business. I like your ideas Grooveassault.

I particularly like the self-hosted shows idea. Depending on your locale there are plenty of arts-type spaces that will rent cheaply for a night.

Hell, do basement shows if you have to. Rent a friend's warehouse space. There are many out-of-the-box ideas if you rack your brain a few minutes.