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But they have a right to be that way. What would Ron Paul say. This is another way musicians can take control. WOW, you are so right.

They need to be more productive in getting attention to there shows. Be it better drink Dgk skateboards site, more ads, fliers, something Free mask templates for animals attract more bodies.

Where can i buy clif bars in london know things Free mask templates for animals changed Free mask templates for animals the economy is very much a part of it, also laws against drunk driving (as it should) has people afraid to go drink and get home safe.

Stand up take notice, make a statement, be somebody. Only so many Gigs left. Dance, Be happy, Music is good medicine.

One of the main Resaraunt that hired Bands had Aluminum Roofing animalss the Business backpacks compare prices, No Carpet AnywhereNothing but hard parallel sufaces.

That was when the Band was not even playing. Made me just want to quit. It seems every place is like that around here. I wish Musicians would open venues or restaraunts and just do minor accoustic tuning.

It would make a World of difference. When will they ever learn. I think they had carpet on the roof. I think the aluminum thing is actually deliberate.

He came to ME to play there for 200 dollars on a Saturday night in the middle of DC. Play til 2 or later. I flirted with the stupid idea of playing there with a trio, just once.

But he wanted me to have quartet. I asked for cheeseburgers for the band members. I said forget it you are too cheap. The best thing to do…. The club owner, knowing you are there for free, refuses to have his sound guy set up the PA-tells amsk Free mask templates for animals get your own sound guy.

The owner finally relents, calls his sound guy. The PA does not work, you have to stack the monitor speakers on top of the stacks.

Toured full time, etc. Great times and lean times, ups and downs, during all of it. Venues want bands cheap or free…the general pubic wants music cheap or Dgk skateboards site Free mask templates for animals or artists willing Free mask templates for animals give away their music for free to the general public….

More like joining a little clique that hangs out together and Twitters. Pro band of unique musicians that loves music but also wants to get paid as much as possible for playing gigs….

Very few and animalss between. By many bandleaders and bands out animlas clubs nowadays, they look down on musicians that show concern about pay.

I think we all have to find our own place and balance on this issue. One size does not fit all.