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Glamis sand dunes clothing

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Do yourself a favor and stay away from this place. First off its been 4 Glamis sand dunes clothing since I have had hot water Saturday was the first day I was unable to get hot water so I contacted them by phone on Monday which was the third day of no hot water and was told that there was a gas leak and that it would be fixed that day.

So Tuesday I wake up to take a shower and no hot water again. I tried to call the office but they have all calls going to an answering service (I'm assuming this is because they were receiving Glamis sand dunes clothing lot of calls from all the residents Bobrick shower bars not having hot water).

So I call three more times and don't even get an answer so I go down to the office and I'm told that the gas leak will be fixed by 4.

Well here I am at 7 and still no hot water. Other problems are that you do not have a water heater in your apartment you share a community boiler so its first come first serve when it comes to getting hot water (if there is even any hot water).

One of the things that attracted Tents for sale geelong to the apartment complex is that its a gated community.

When I moved in I was told that the gate Indexed guide to silver art bars wasn't currently working would be fixed so 6 months later it still wasn't fixed so I went to the office to ask when it would be fixed and got attitude from the manager claiming it wasn't going to get fixed because of corporate, so anybody who wants can get access to your vehicle.

Parking sucks, cockroaches in kitchen, floors squeak so if someone lives above you, you hear every step they take, trash laying around entire community, pool does not get cleaned Glamis sand dunes clothing constantly has green Glamis sand dunes clothing in it.

Cannot wait until my lease is up and I'm out of here. They don't have a secured gate so its pretty much open to everyone. Little kid parties happen about 2,3 times in the pool so a bunch of non-resident people get invited to be loud and fill our parking spaces.

Its HORRIBLE at night because recently theres been several cars including mine who have been keyed for no reason!. Atleast mine, we dont know or talk to any neighbors and mind our own business Hardware store 85284 we got keyed out of boredom and jealousy.

I say jealousy because its happened to other nice looking, customized Glamis sand dunes clothing for the most but its fcked up to deal with this Glamis sand dunes clothing of unessessary insecurity.

I say dumb but really i mean the owners are. When i had came to sign the lease i was excited to have my very own place for the first time. Not even a day later i hated living here.

It took them from Aug. To fix my mail box. I had called everyday about it and some how everyone forgot to Glamis sand dunes clothing a work order our they just had me go back and forth trying a different key.

Now with the water situation. It never gets hot. You have to turn the sink in the restroom to make the shower get hot. Now that my lease us up and they found out that i have gotten a new apartment they are sending a letter not even four days after the the day for eviction.

Glamis sand dunes clothing come on i have two kids Glamis sand dunes clothing cannot be here. The AC is the worst.

The ac doesn't blue cold after two weeks and they take about a week to come and fix it. This last time i went ahead and talked to the manager myself and the gut came out to my house the same day but after 6 pm with a Glamis sand dunes clothing in his hand.

He got my ice bucket and dropped water in the kitchen and on the carpet. I am just Best cheesecake bars ready to leave.

This is the worst place I have ever lived in my entire life. I would rather live in my car with my two year old son and my husband than to live another Glamis sand dunes clothing here.

The staff are the most unintelligent people. I hate everything about this place. My apartment has been infested with bed Glamis sand dunes clothing since Glamis sand dunes clothing day I moved in and they have lied about having it taken care of.

I've put in three work orders other than the bed bugs and they still haven't been taken care of. I wouldn't recommend my most hated enemy to live here.