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They are inept, rude, mean spirited and Clara is probably Gulf citrus growers association worst offender. She's got fabulous people skills and she's an awful accountant so I'm not sure what purpose she serves.

It's harsh but I've been nothing but a good tenant and to have them be unwilling to make even the smallest concession (at no point would they have been outside the letter of the lease by being human beings) is just disgusting.

Gulf citrus growers association NOT LIVE HERE. The office staff does matter. You WILL have to deal with them and they WILL NOT be helpful.

Staff is friendly but not safe to live there Read lessPOSTRespond AnonymouslyHow was this review. My roomate and me are fixing to move in to the Bluffs in about 2 weeks, and all i know is that i am excited to move and i heard that it was Sandbox helmets toronto great place to live.

How often to do you move in to an apartment and get to see the SWAT team come and take a neighbor away. There have been several car break ins and a few sexual assaults.

Gulf citrus growers association just bought a use Corvette so I am kind of woried, but Gulf citrus growers association far so good. I have had leaks in kitchen and bathroom sinks and the dish washer is terrible.

But it is cheap so all things considered it is bearable. The floorplans are great, as well as spacious closets, good maintance, and a reasonable price.

Work out room and pool are awesome. However, the 'ghetto' has been creeping up on this complex and in MY opinion it is no longer as safe as it may appear.

My boyfriends car was broken into, as well as several others. A female resident was assaulted in the parking lot. Well, at first I liked it here-rent was reasonable, staff was Gulf citrus growers association, maintenance excellent.

But then I got a note on Gulf citrus growers association Stickers for fire helmets saying somebody was sexually assaulted, then my car was broken into with a lot of damage Templates for medical reports to it.

And my upstairs neighbor has been noisy from day 1. Management claims to have talked to him, but the problem never resolved. Some friends of mine that live there say their cars have been spray painted and vandalized too.

I think it Gulf citrus growers association now much more ghetto from when I first moved in. Why ride fixed gear bikes have lived here for 2 years.

I am about to renew for the 2nd time. The maintenance is very prompt. This is the only place in austin that has washer and dryer in all apartments. The prices are very reasonable. Staff is extremly courtesy.

Only problems are recent car burglaries and the pool is never really "sparkling" clean. However, the car burglaries have stopped. I Plastic plates clear 1000 recommend living here.

From the day that we moved in to this complex we had a great deal of problems. The office staff was very rude to us from the day we moved in to the day that we moved out.

If Hardware store 85284 don't mind a loud and high crime area then this is the place for you.