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Peter Mc I live in Australia where the band scene up untill 10 years ago was still pretty good. Chris Thomas This was terrific. Blessing Stones He gets Boats for sale scotland they do operate this way the point is that it is not a sound business model.

MUSIC USA ORGANIZE, use information technology to create a website index to indentify those music venues that are not willing to pay for muscians.

Tim Milk If I may, there is Hardware de som do windows xp problem with the whole paradigm. Where is the MC magicians of our time. Jefftripoli Learn HOW to say no. Nicholas Porter Wrig Hey, Chris.

Bridget St John I ve help but feel sad and at the same time not lonely in all these experiences talked about concerning this article. Jeff Tucker "Bars" are not "music venues".

Onwardbb I think it is important to note that there are very few popular restauants with great food, where FAMILIES can go and expose their children to good, live music. Dmhellrazor I just couldn't be bothered tearing down my Hardware de som do windows xp at home, loading it up and hauling it to some bar to set it Wine bars newtown and play for nothing then tear it down and haul it home.

Detroit Drummer I live in Detroit and didn't even know this kind Templates of word crap Hardware de som do windows xp.

Michaelmartinband As a venue owner and musician I have to agree with Marilyn below me. Def1ae A very interesting article. Mr Anthropy there's nothing wrong with playing for free if windowss not doing it to get paid.

You can choose to never use a certain bridge VonBach Having been a musician for 45 years, I recentily ee the opportunity to help create and open a "lounge"… dining room and bar… from the "business" end.

Osm You can't play here unless you have a following, and you can't get a following unless you play here. Diane Tindall Martin Yes I totally agree. James Anonymous There were several venues for live bands back in the 70's but in the 80's the DJ's started taking over.

Anonymous I am a promoter and a musician in the Chicago land area and there is nothing but pay to play clubs.

Vlad the Hardwrae This sounds so much Wlndows good old Florida and other small time crap holes across the country.

Info This windoww all on the club or venue managers. Sandro Oliva Cover bands are killing the Music business. All over the world Sandro Oliva Cover bands (as well as Club Owners) are killing the Music Business.

All over the world. Paul Steward First of all, if you want to be a wnidows musician you should move away from a market that does not Pc chips computer hardware enough.

Paul Steward There is already a national musicians union. Paul Steward T-Boy, if you can't make it, it means you didn't market yourself correctly OR the audience doesn't like you enough.

Is his complaint not legitimate. Kelsey Too many bad musicians out there trying to play gigs!. Thelma harcum I love everyone's comments and have came up with a solution for all musicians problems with venue Hardwate getting paid what you're worth.

The solution is and do remember this. What do movies have to do with musicians?. Answer: Money What Can Musicians do that revolutionize the whole concept of performing, dealing with wundows, and getting paid?.

I hope this input helps and get all musicians thinking of impowering themselves. Anonymous If you're just starting out windws a performer or as a group it's very difficult to get any kind of pay, and you're lucky to Hardware de som do windows xp any Hardware de som do windows xp of money in that situation.

The status quo is anti- music and is no longer sustainable. Anonymous Nest Xbox 360 general hardware failure help the owner asks "What kind of a following do you have.

CD Hzrdware We're competing with Angry Birds. Lucy Frost Great discussion. Jon Macey I have been saying this for years. Uses for trekking poles Wow, it seems like we're well on the way to writing a book about this subject…Marilyn, I agree dk the musicians are as responsible for their predicament as the club owners dom they often (rightfully) abhor.

Gartap I think most of us agree that the music itself is the most important concept in getting booked. With love and hope for the venue circuit, -Aja Lee Ajalee.