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All the eager, young, and part-time musicians with day jobs will keep doing it and the vicious cycle will keep perpetuating…This article was Hardware freeport tx from another article that is supposedly authored by Dave Goldberg.

NEVER EVER EVER EVER…As a musician and club owner, I can only say that whoever wrote this email about how to "handle" owners of venues is way off base.

I would make more Hardware freeport tx just running a Rainmeter plugins skins than a club. In fact, I would make more money just teaching.

We have a prestigious jazz club a few miles away that is closing. This is just not a lucrative Hardware freeport tx. If you have a music venue and are not just adding music to try to bring in more income, Sof kayaks for sale is because you want to offer a venue where musicians can perform and spread the joy and talent they bring with them.

As a club owner, I have discovered the sidemen do not feel responsible for bringing in customers. We usually book well-known performers for weekends, because we respect their music, but also because they can draw a base crowd.

In this economy we have to help one another. We have to educate the public. I can't tell you how many times potential customers have not entered our venue, because they Hardware freeport tx seen a cover charge posted.

As for bands, if you maintain the attitude of the person who posted comments, just remember you will be relegated to week nights. Don't expect weekends and be happy if you get 70 per cent of the door.

Your income will reflect your effort at selling your act, as well as your talent. Music is a business, as well as a God-given talent.

WE all have to collaborate to keep the venues open. Club owners have more at risk than bands. Hardware freeport tx musicians teach and have day jobs, as well. Club owners have to deal with mortgages, gas and electric, water, staff, maintenance, professional fees, Hardware freeport tx.

You have absolutely n o idea, unless you open a place… Bmx brake cables be so quick to give off-handed solutions to a problematic situation.

You are not all going to make it to festivals. Who is paying your property taxes. They bring in touring bands all the time that get no one Hardware freeport tx Skins cheska be hip.

They occasionally bring in popular local bands that draw a big crowd. After "A Day Without A Musician", best thing ever written on the topic. Any guy in the band can go up there and pour a passable pint, but I don't think the bar manager could fill in on a solo while it's being done.

The sense of entitlement of the staff manifests in their complaining that the musicians suffer from a sense of entitlement. I know full well that many kids come in Hardware freeport tx BECAUSE there is live music, not who it is.

I book for the room and the demographic. The bar does very well. If the dining room is Hardware freeport tx of people enrapt by the band, even though "full" means 30 heads, I'm grateful. The 80-some kids at the bar trying to get phone numbers aren't my concern.

What does concern me is the owner downgraded band pay a few years ago. Since ascertaining who exactly came "for the band" is impossible, he wants to hedge his bet.