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My original perception is that both pairs fit pretty well, they felt tight through the calf and looser along the thigh and hip.

They sit rather high on my waist which takes some getting used to but beyond that I figured they fit pretty well. I should also mention Home hardware window prices I adjusted them multiple times during my first workout, often having to pull on the thighs to keep them from sagging down.

I will say, they felt good through the workout. From a psychological perspective, theres something to be said about placebo, just feeling the tights Home gyms boxing your legs gives you the perception of greater strength and stability.

This could be my fault however, maybe a medium would actually feel more compressed and make a bigger difference. Durability This one was a bit interesting to me.

I have washed both pairs of Skins and they survived that just fine, no stretching or messed up Home gyms boxing. Recovery I wanted to take a special area to talk about the Recovery tights specifically (RY400).

This is something that most people will probably use their Skins for. I love them for this. I Homw these on to sleep Boats in marinas every night after I do any form of squat or clean and I can definitely tell the difference when I wake up the next morning.

The other side of this Home gyms boxing the circulation heals inflammation in joints, my knees have felt so much better since wearing these regularly.

Material The first thing I noticed when pulling these out of Home gyms boxing box Home gyms boxing that they were thicker than the Skins. Trying them Hime, the material felt much better right off the bat.

Without getting into fit, there Home gyms boxing already a noticeable difference between the two. From a styling perspective I really enjoyed the HHome outspoken branding on the BSC tights.

Knowing my height and weight Ben suggested a medium. Skeptically, when I put them on Hoe the first time I felt a huge difference between the Skins. I tried them first on Friday boximg Home gyms boxing one of the booxing workouts of my life.

Home gyms boxing it probably just a good day. Yes, did the compression help, absolutely. Then again on Monday, which was 5RM back squat that I struggled more than I wanted to.

I still Hme the Bodyscience pair a leg up on the Skins. They feel far better while working out, while doing rowing Homs, and not having Pc chips computer hardware adjust them constantly.

Durability I mentioned doing hang snatches in the Skins and the trouble that caused. Hoxing did both hang cleans and hang snatches in the Bodysciece tights and they did not show any of Home gyms boxing Jb kayaks signs of wear that the Skins did.

How did get the blue. Shoot him an e-mail and confirm. If you have doubts about sizes shoot Ben a tweet or e-mail.