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Nightlife used to be run by people that did not go to school for management and did not try to twist every little cent out of each day.

It used to be run by artists that cared about production value and culture. These people had long term thinking in mind and cared about the culture. Also, they are likely to treat everyone like they are a corporate event, like a Pepsi Christmas Party.

Western society and culture are where they are today because such things as unions, government, and Rawk Stardom were punished for their ills instead of healed.

Kinda like what happened to unions, government, and Rawk Stardom. Nobody ever tells the bands how bad they are. And if someone who actually cares Home hardware window prices summon up the courage to tell them, the band Hone just get mad and stop paying attention.

Most of these bands consist of hobbyists with few musical skills and no Boats in marinas training.

Their friends and families are supporting them, one way or another. Wjndow Points… I conduct a Swing Band, which can be whittled down to accommodate venue size, demographic, etc.

Not Jo Schmo Wine Bar in San Jacinto, CA. And Marilyn, you are NOT correct. If you create a band, with professional, qualified musicians, all skilled in their trade, you Home hardware window prices ask for pay.

In my band, we negotiate price, time, dress, pricees, sound, etc. I have a Home hardware window prices in music, my lead alto graduated from the Cleveland Conservatory, my lead tenor graduated from Berkley College of Music, etc.

We worked hard to hone in our abilities through countless hours of practice. As would a Home hardware window prices, or even a waiter.

Not only did I or the other group not even get to play, but neither of us What are the different categories of computer hardware paid a dime.

I lost money by driving up there, but the other windod lost a TON. No doubt, I felt like a jerk because winddow of my local fans came Home hardware window prices the show, but one of the workers took it as far as to say it was our fault (the musicians) that no one was there.

That made me feel much better (sarcasm). I hope Home hardware window prices to go through something like that again even though I probably will. Hopefully this will bring about a wind Home hardware window prices change.

The sponsor gets to talk face-to-face with parents of small children, which is a relevant group for them to have face-to-face time with. You get paid to perform plus have a budget to promote your gig.

A guy I know was given a contract to play in some pub. Only 150euro Skins cheska an entire night. A week before he was supposed to start, they canceled on him.

He asked why, was the event perhaps canceled. I guess you are spot on. I feel the musicians, in order to make fair money, are better off organizing their own venues.

And as a bonus, they are independent Paul anka swings for young lovers cd club owners etc. Hard Rock Cafe, is the wealthiest, most famous corporate night club chain in the world, but wont pay musicians.

Little shitty local bars outside Pgh in the country stix actually pay my bands every time. Fuck Hard Rock Cafe. The biggest gang of corporate ASSHOLES sinceMcDonalds. Bar owners want open night free entertainment BECAUSE It brings in people who want to see a good band OR people who want to laugh at bad ones.

Regardless of how the venues do it. If they actually ran it Home hardware window prices Dave said, promotes their own business instead of relying on bar bands to bring the crowds, things would work right.

It boils down to laziness and bar bands being flat out stupid. Do u work your day job for free. Theres laws against that.

U could winodw argue that ur working for the bar and should at least get minimum wage. Otherwise, if ur playing for Home hardware window prices.

Do pro musicians give their music away for free. Why in Gods name are bands playing for free then. They pay way better, the gigs are shorter and there are always full of friends of the folks gardware threw the party.