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It has been a while since I played out. If you want to play some open mic nights for nothing, that can be a good way to develop your live skills, but you must make a club owners responsible for offering value for value.

The other important point is that venues must develop their own crowds through their own marketing efforts. The musicians can only enhance these endeavors. Jacks surfboards coupon like any business venture, for to Jacks surfboards coupon be successful, their cannot be exploitation, otherwise it will be doomed to fail.

BEST article I have ever read. Venues have gotten just lazy. People Jacks surfboards coupon back to places if the music is consistently good.

Not good once or twice. Yes, I have been forming and voicing the same argument for some time. My guitarist already sent this to me to point out that someone wrote down what I have been saying.

I have made this argument to club owners. I was in a Jacks surfboards coupon band for 15 years. The club owners and the overall experience was generally awful. I found a niche that appreciates my music and pays me well for it.

I am very fortunate because I currently Best pickup bars in orlando worldwide and full time. Check out my website to learn more about me and my music.

Also, feel free to contact me if you are interested in learning more about my personal music business coaching. I suppose if you own the venue you can have your audience come to you and skip much of the rest of it.

I only do free gigs for a good cause. I play for the joy of playing and being desperate is not somehthing I find any joy in. One of my regular gigs that is for free is playing for a soup kitchen meal.

I haul all my stuff there and back and get no monetary gain, but I gain immensely from the experience. Brilliant article and well thought out argument.

The sad truth is that the public takes music, excellent or otherwise, for granted, thanks to the proliferation of technological mass production techniques. Musicianship and esthetics are no longer things to be amazed by because they are ubiquitously present in shopping malls, on radios, dentist offices etc.

We have Jacks surfboards coupon greatly desensitized to art in general. Everything now is mass produced, expendable, and has a price.

To become a good performer in many casesrequires a healthy ego, and a healthy ego requires the substantiation offered by an audience. The above letter has it right.

I hope some of these young guns starting out playing music realize they are shooting all Jacks surfboards coupon us musicians in the foot.

Giving it away shows little respect for their craft and hard work. They are bringing the pay scale down for all entertainers.

Music is special and live entertainment 2012 ford escape roof rack cross bars lifts an event to a highter octave. We play less now but make more when we contract to go out the door.

The places are empty because PAY TO PLAY has DESTROYED any prestige those venues USE TO HAVE. Those places are merely shells now, Jacks surfboards coupon that Jacks surfboards coupon a famous name and nothing more.

REAL venues have built in crowds because THE VENUE IS POPULAR. The ONLY time these venues are packed is when Jacks surfboards coupon BAND packs them, and the band has to buy enough seats to even play at them.

Who makes the money with a FREE BAND. It use to be that you had to reach a certain level to play these places, but that was gone decades ago. Now you can stand up on Jacks surfboards coupon stage in Hollywood and make balloon animals IF YOU CAN AFFORD TO BUY THE TIME SLOT.

As long as bands Jacks surfboards coupon paying to play, these venues will continue to do what they do. There IS a way to fight it and WIN. I wrote a book on it that will come out this year.