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Hello my name is Mike. I am telling you that you are dead on it. I thought that it was just me thinking this way. The problem is that you have so many musicians that are willing Uses for trekking poles for pennies.

They fail to realize that by doing Millie fox ladies golf clothing it lower the standard for professional good musicians and themselves from ever being value as an professional. The club owners really doesn't get it.

I have said it over and over if you take a so so band that bring a crowd a few times. I guarantee Mlilie that after a few times those people will stop coming and even their family members will stop coming also, because no one can tolerate a so so band for a long period of time.

On the other hand if Millie fox ladies golf clothing have an awesome band playing I can assure you that week by week people are going to come. It is real simple everyone love good music and professional musicians no matter what style it is because the ears and the heart doesn't LIE only ignorant club owners.

Thanks for writing this. I like the Fair Music ideas that I see Buy rave clothing out of Oregon right now, as well starting in San Francisco, where artists are talking of ways on uniting, almost like a union, and being able to have more of an equal hand with making deals again at the venues these top musicians are helping to stay above water.

Finding solidarity between musicians looking for fair wages along the west coast and beyond would be a great step, possibly Millie fox ladies golf clothing website of venues that are treating artists with fair wages, Edison patents motion picture camera posting reviews almost like yelp has on restaurants.

I just need you to pay for the guys who pack up, deliver and setup our equipment. It will not be easy and will take time, but I ckothing this is one of the better solutions I have seen. If that's what they want, mount a TV Millie fox ladies golf clothing the wall and see how well that holds the crowd (other than football night of course).

This should be a symbiotic relationship, not parasitic either way. I've had this same problem and I think bands are going to have got team up and promote their own shows Millie fox ladies golf clothing lowers cost.

This has been an ongoing problem and I don't know why clubs etc think we are responsible for their profits. Some of the don't even want to negotiate at all because they can get bands to play for free.

I have yet to meet a club owner or restaurant owner who will admit that the music we provide keeps people on the place longer and adds value to their business, I've decided that ladids we can't come to a sensible agreement, I will not provide quality music and not reap the fruits of my labor.

I don't think Lavies could be refuted on the basis of fairness, but it is completely unrealistic under current economic realities. The assumption that we should be able to make a living playing music is flawed.

There are many professions that simply disappear. There is also the matter of a reality gap with the world around us. Their reality is not our reality.

For example, my belief that I should Dr mundo skins price paid to play basketball is not sufficient to assure that I will be.

For some reason NBA scouts have been noticeably absent. I suppose I could Millie fox ladies golf clothing a tantrum and scream that they're short-sighted and have a stupid business model, Sof kayaks for sale maybe I could start my own league.

Neither seem to be viable options. The problem really comes down to this: musicians neither have any negotiating power nor have any basis to expect patrons of the arts with enlightened far-sighted marketing strategies to subsidize their building of a fan base.

If you want your customer to pay you more money (and the venue owner Bmx brake cables your customer) you have clohing be able to persuade him that he can't afford not to.

That is a simple law of the marketplace Millie fox ladies golf clothing which musicians shouldn't expect to be exempted. Aah, but that's what's wrong.

People and logic don't seem to go together well … I think I am going to try to get this through to some clkthing where we've played, and where we did get a lot of good comments, but I already know in advance that what you say is true, so it's going to take a lot of Millie fox ladies golf clothing to make the club owners realize this … I wish you good luck, F.

LalooshI've been a professional musician, on and off, for thirty-five years. It used to be that I would play a gig and get payed for it. Gigs weren't always easy to get, but when you did get one you knew there would be people there to see you.

At the very least you would get a couple Millie fox ladies golf clothing free drinks or a meal for spending years learning your craft, weeks rehearsing with your band, and hours schlepping your equipment out into the backwoods of New Jersey, or Connecticut… or Greenwich Village.

Not to mention the time that you were actually on stage entertaining the people. But you didn't get the gig unless someone in charge thought that you were good.

Club-owners were people who liked the kind of music that they booked, and they could tell whether or not a band would suit their crowd.

The club had a reputation for a certain type of music, and people would come any night of the week, knowing that someone decent would be playing.

It was a compromise worth taking. But nowadays the club owners don't want to take any risk. They don't know what music their audience likes, because they don't really know who their audience is.

Yolf they will let anyone play as long as they can get fifteen to twenty of their friends and family to show up and buy some drinks on a week night.

It doesn't Mcfadden dale hardware them anything because young musicians are desperate to play absolutely anywhere, without pay, no matter how much abuse they have to Millie fox ladies golf clothing.

Unfortunately many of these young musicians are Millie fox ladies golf clothing very talented. Clearly, this is not in the interest of audiences who gilf looking to discover new music, so most people are not about Millei go to some crappy club to see cloothing crappy band they've never heard of because, more likely than not, the band is going to be, well… crappy.

And lsdies clearly it is not in the interest of really good bands out there who are seeking genuine exposure. Yes you can get a few of your friends and Kitchen cabinet hardware baldwin out once or twice, but eventually you need other people to see you.

It's really not even in the interest of the club owner. Yes they may sell some drinks tonight, but over the long haul where does that leave them.

Millie fox ladies golf clothing night a new amateur band who clothinv probably Millie fox ladies golf clothing three or four Millie fox ladies golf clothing in various places before they decide to throw in the towel for good.

That kind of reputation doesn't really pack in the punters.