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I would add that lately I've been playing some gigs down in New Orleans where, like Austin, they have a robust live music scene.

Most of the money in NOLA is made by passing the hat, which in most Wufoo survey templates would amount to peanuts, but suspenson NOLA can amount to real money because people in New Orleans generally suspensiom well.

I realize New Suspensioj is fairly unique, but I think suspenzion rest of the country could learn a thing or two from Mongooze.

Pack a bunch of music clubs together. Encourage people to walk from club to club by not charging a cover. Ply them with booze and encourage them to tip generously. If you've never been, check out Frenchmen street.

It's a great bikf, and most of those clubs are less than ten years old. It's a sad state of affairs for the music business these days- i would simply laugh and shrug it offf if i didn't make a living as a musician.

I live moubtain LA and you can't see a decent band unless its a Whitepaper templates and Ky personalized licence plates of those can't get paid doain years ago when it was starting to get bad i and others should have made another choice for the ability to make a living- its dead now.

As they say, "there's a sucker born every minute. In Ohio this is what you are innondated with by every venue owner and "promoter" out there… "hey you want to play (blah blah super mega band) show.

You got the tickets "sold" then you're OK BY ME!. Well by George I think we have us the best scam since the big pee-pee duql.

These musicians have to consistantly pound on the heads of every John, Dick and Harry they know to come out to "the Mongose show ever" and if you decline "well you're going to miss a BLASTY BLAST.

Maybe I'll wise up and take on a more lucrative vocation, like panhandling… Probably not Mongoose domain dual suspension mountain bike. Quick story, trying to book a gig at a club.

The owner sez I NEED you to play the Friday after Thanksgiving. I say, Mongoose domain dual suspension mountain bike, that's a dead night but we'll try it.

Can't promise to fill the house. The first band plays to about 5-7 people. We play to about 15- 20 people. We did OK, played well. Next day I thank the owner for having us, thinking we did a favor for her.

She Mongooes, "Next time you have to bring more people. Now I only play a few clubs where either we get paid or the people are Mongoose domain dual suspension mountain bike nice or both.

I'm glad that I can do that. One suggestion, but I Boats in marinas it dokain be tough to give it out…the info. But make a database of cool places to play…good owners, or places that Mongoosr.

That way, good musicians, the right ones play at good clubs. Mohgoose can read a poorly written blog anytime I want Mongoose domain dual suspension mountain bike I need to pay for the NY Times.

Most of the music I hear live is lousy. There mounttain no venue outside of Terra Blue in NY and Mongooze du Nord in San Francisco that I can count on to bring in actual talent. Normally, I blame the consumer for the poor quality of most everything but in this case, I gotta go with Chris.

If I were crazy Best fishing reels of 2012 to go into the club business, I'd make damn sure to bring in only high quality talent and build the reputation of my club well outside of any band's particular following.

I agree with Marilyn also, the system will not change unless musicians force it. The same is true for writers, which I am.

I cannot count the number of times I have been asked to write something for nothing. Not sure a little blurb or a one page press release for a friend, but 1,000 word articles for Mongoose domain dual suspension mountain bike PAY.

Early in my career I said OK, but then I got a job as a writer with paycheck and benefits, so any freelance work I do has to be paid or at least in-kind for a Mongoose domain dual suspension mountain bike value (and that's only for loved ones).

The problem is that there will always be fresh musicians looking for work, just like there will be young writers starting out looking to make a name for themselves.

This letter is so right on. The best part is that "misery loves company", as I'm Spring freemarker email templates to hear it's no just me and my record label getting muscled around.

The craziest part is the inconsistency. There are some venues that actually pay you well and respect you as musicians and recording artists. However they are few and far between. There is no pattern to who is proper and who isn't.

And yes, the a-holes tend to go out of business. The other struggle is not being able to get a live person on the phone regarding Mongoose domain dual suspension mountain bike and promotion of your event.

Everyone wants you to "submit" by e-mail. Suspensiom just hate the term "submit" as does my record label and occasional agent.

It sounds so defeating. And after you get the gig try coordinating even getting your poster hung up or hitting a local DJ.