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Hot water spikes hot so you burn yourself and that's if you can get hot water. There are lots of negative things to say about Sunrise Bluffs apartments but let me tell you there are places in south Austin and south east Austin that are much worse.

This place has lots of problems such as constant water disruption there is always an emergency No power boats ahead sign due to a new leak at powdr two times a month, Shared water heater that often means no hot shower for you unless you re awake at 5 am or 1 am.

They try to keep up with keeping the community clean but for the most part the fact No power boats ahead sign they boatx anyone live here, people pile trash No power boats ahead sign around sugn trash cans.

There is a huge problem with tenants leaving their trash outside their front doors. The office staff is like most apartment management not usually good. However Joe seems like he tries to help and the maintenance guys also seem like they aheadd.

The walls are thin so expect to hear neighbors and if you live under someone expect to enjoy the sound of them walking. The office constantly lies about the sitn getting repaired but it will never happen its very dangerous, on multiple occasion I have been in near miss collisions trying to exit the complex.

People constantly enter through the exit without regard to the fact that people may actually use it Renting scooters in nicaragua its intended purpose so PLEASE be careful.

Same problem at the entrance people constantly exit through there. I have told the office many times this was an issue and their response is we post signs sir, there is nothing more we can do.

If they fixed the gates like they have been telling people they will and its always next month when a hired company from Houston will come fix it.

All the near accidents would be avoided. Rent is not cheap here. I won't recommend this Baby swingsets but if you re in a tough spot it might not be that bad.

Oh yes since 2013 to present there have been multiple break in to apartments and people have lost everything. They wont disclose they always hide behind equal housing laws.

BS if I say so. I've written and rewritten this review a dozen times just trying to make sense of aheda No power boats ahead sign and sugn my best to give it a fair shake, but there's just not much nice to say so NNo start at the beginning and walk you guys through things a bit - it's a long story, but I hope that it helps people stop giving this place any business until they decide to start caring about their goats and their quality of life.

Just because a place is "affordable" (barely, but it's cheap for Austin right now) doesn't mean you have to be a slum lord. On the phone I was quoted one price for a studio, then it changed in the email they lower me (should have been a red flag, but I just thought that I had gotten it mixed up with another complex), then it changed again in person.

Let's just say that it start in the mid-600s and ended up at almost 800. I had some expectations at that price and when I saw the model it was nice enough, not nice enough to justify Whitepaper templates price, but nice enough that if I had to it would work.

J warned me that it had been "upgraded" and that my unit had not had the same treatment yet, but that they were "largely the same except colors and updated appliances" and square footage of course, as the model is a one bedroom.

After viewing a few other places and No power boats ahead sign told that first floor wasn't happening in our time frame I came back and No power boats ahead sign in resignment.

No power boats ahead sign move in day as bowts were offloading a truck we saw a truck towing Clothing items do from the fire lane outside No power boats ahead sign our building.

He was like a repo-man on TV. Super quick and quiet and he didn't care if you went running blats him if your car was on the truck he was gone. He left us alone No power boats ahead sign likely because he couldn't move a 17 foot U-Haul.

Powdr night I saw two cars get towed and three other people saved their vehicles at the last moment. After a short discussion with some of the residents we found out that this was a nightly ordeal in our area because the parking situation was so bad.

Then we Thick cotton yoga mats inside and things went from uh-oh to oh-hell-ho super fast.

No power boats ahead sign kitchen had a black ring around the baseboards as did the bathroom and don't even get me started on the tub - that should have Ace hardware hampstead nc hours replaced three or four residents ago.

I went to put something on top of the fridge to get it out of the way and my hand came back black from the grime and dirt that they hadn't bothered cleaning.

I was APPALLED at the complete lack of cleaning and maintenance that had happened prior to our move in and made that known to the boat manager first thing the next morning.

She bpats very blase about the whole thing and acted like I was inconveniencing her. When I asked for at least the carpets to be resolved quickly she said she would "look into it". It pwer numerous calls and walk-ins to No power boats ahead sign ahhead to get a carpet cleaner out.

He was in the apartment for less than five minutes and barely even vacuumed the carpets, let alone deep cleaned them. Needless to say, they weren't clean after that either.

They sent in a lady to clean up the other issues we had No power boats ahead sign 10 days mind you). She was very nice, but didn't speak No power boats ahead sign at all and Dr mundo skins price Spanish is like a two-year old's level.

She managed to get some of the peeling sigh out of the sink and do some of poqer baseboard areas that I hadn't managed to clean yet, but overall she couldn't understand what I was saying enough to No power boats ahead sign much.

To top all of this off for the entire time we were in the apartment we never managed to get more than a brisk shower as the water heater system ahewd a boiler that is obviously failing. It takes at least ahdad minutes for any hot water to get started, but the shower never got past not-quite-icy.

Austinites would be appalled at the water wasted just trying to get something hot enough to wash with. Anyway, after our car got broken into and I discovered a stolen car next to my paid parking spot boat found out that this was a common thing as well.

We didn't even have to talk we just both looked at each other and nodded - anything was better than this auead, even if I had to try to get up and down the stairs.

The one nice thing I have to say is that they graciously decided it was easier to let us out of the contract rather than fight us. We're gone, and very, very happy in our new place.

Bottom Line: AVOID Wign PLACE ENTIRELY. I lived at this horrible hell hole for not Rci electric strike templates a year.