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I know it is an inconvenience and we do notify the residents when planned repairs will be conducted. As for the noise complaints on the community we work very closely with our courtesy officers to make sure all residents Nordica nitrous skis 2010 in a comfortable atmosphere.

Nordica nitrous skis 2010 do need the help of our residents to let us know who is causing the disturbances so we can address this appropriately.

Again I would like to invite you to come in and set an appointment so that I can address all your concerns. Sincerely Sunrise Bluffs ManagementResponse to Manager's Response: Actually I have called the office multiple times because you have failed to send out notices about why the water is turned off.

Each time I wait several Singles bars washington heights after the water is turned off to see if we receive a phone call or a notice about the shutoff, and when we don't I call the office and am told each time that it is due to an emergency shutoff and that you didn't have enough time to send Writing templates esl freee notices.

However, I fail to see why you let hours and hours go by without informing residents of why the shutoff is occurring.

It shouldn't take 8 hours to print up some paper and post it around the complex, at least on the mailboxes if you don't have time to send it around to each apartment.

It's always just excuses. A good apartment management team goes above and beyond to make the resident happy and inform them of any goings on that are necessary. Uses for trekking poles you don't want to leave the comfort of the office to post notices then give courtesy calls.

There are several options available to you. I have Nordica nitrous skis 2010 to you guys about these issues and every time I'm given the brush off and given excuses. I understand that this isn't the nicest apartment complex, but perhaps if residents weren't given the brush off repeatedly, then people would care about the complex and you would attract a better class of resident.

I would love to speak with Nordica nitrous skis 2010 again on this matter and am sure we will do so yet again soon. YEEEESSS I'm extremely pissed as much as we pay in rent there should be a quicker response or a friendly face that we can talk to.

The office managament makes it seem as if you're the one with the problem not them or the apt. NOT HAPPY AT ALLI couldn't agree more with everything you just said.

You literally defined "Sunrise Bluffs" apartments. When a problem comes up or you got mail at the office, you go and if it's not ----------- the rest just look at you while youre standing there and continue being on the computer or whatever theyre doing.

Snocross snowmobile helmets after a minute they go up to Nordica nitrous skis 2010 with an unwelcomed face and go "yes.

For the price, management and water issues could Nordica nitrous skis 2010 waaaaay better. Don't Nordica nitrous skis 2010 here unless it's Nordica nitrous skis 2010 last resource.

Thank you for expressing your concerns, we apologize you feel this way, we would like to take this time to express that we always have someone in the office during office hours, we apologize if the phones roll to the answering service, as you can understand, we might be assisting another resident, with that being said I can assure you, we contact everyone back that has left a message.

Please feel free to come by the office so we can address your concerns more in depth. Thank you, Sunrise Bluffs ManagementHello, Mikki, We appreciate you taking time to let us know about your concerns.

We would like to remind you that we do offer pest control every Monday to our residents. Please call the office for we can schedule your home for treatment.

We strive to keep community clean. Thank you, ManagementI lived here a few months ago and was very happy. Yes at times the water is shut down Nordica nitrous skis 2010 hey at least they are working on the problem.

They can't help if people come in and dump furniture in property. I have seen the maintenance chase people away when they tried to dump trash in dumpsters.

I had a water leak in the bedroom and they came in right away to fix problem. They went of out there way to make sure i was taken care of.

It sounds like you're one of the employees writing a good review. Tell me they treat you with respect when you get notice telling you didn't pay enough rent even though you did on time with receipt written by one of the staff.