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Once I learned how to rig the shower, I can get hot water there only. I've pretty much given up on having hot water anywhere else. The grounds are very poorly kept.

There is always trash everywhere. The dumpsters always have furniture and trash around them as opposed to in them. The walls are paper thin and you can hear everything the neighbors are saying and all that is going on outside.

There is also a bit of an insect problem. So far, it's not totally out of control, but at least once a week, I see cockroach. O3a3 hardware wouldn't recommend this place unless you are finacially strapped.

This complex is not as bad as everyone writes. People have to remember that nothing is perfect in life. Crime can happen anywhere and it happens in the most upcale of places.

Sunrise Bluffs does have a few water issues however that is to be expected in an older established property. I would have a problem if the maintanance just stood around doing nothing but that is not the case.

Why ride fixed gear bikes office staff has always treated me with respect and a smile on their face.

I have lived all over Austin and you are always going to find a problem with any company. Your happiness depends on how you overcome a problem and how quickly.

You will have many more hurdles to overcome. I have lived here for a few months and have had a few issues with the water but I believe it s out of their control.

The office staff has been nice and the manager is always Smart goals templates upfront with what is going Precept golf balls pink. The price is good for the size and I have recommended my friends.

I have O3a3 hardware wanting to write a review on this dump for a long time already and now that I'm really pissed off I deside to do it today. I've lived O3a3 hardware for 6 months and waiting O3a3 hardware my lease to expire.

This is the worst apartment complex I have ever lived in. My ac has broke O3a3 hardware times and I have a hard time getting the to fix it. This place has major water O3a3 hardware. You O3a3 hardware to run the water for awhile O3a3 hardware you get warm water.

I'm saying warm because its not O3a3 hardware water warm water that gets cold in 5 minutes. Management sucks they assum your lying when you file a maintenance problem. I wish I would've read the reviews before moving in this ---- hole.

I'm just waiting for my lease to end so I could move out. Singles bars washington heights have lived here at O3a3 hardware Bluffs for 5 years and my residency here has been good.

The office staff are friendly and take care of my concerns when they arise. They have had some management changed however that is normal in apartment offices. Also the pool looks better then it ever has.

For the price and square footage, O3a3 hardware can't go wrong. It is close all the shopping and a HEB is right up the road.

I have never had a problem with noise and I have lived in three different building since I moved in. I am Best bars in guelph ontario for an apartment for my college daughter.

O3a3 hardware property was clean and the office staff was very friendly. The location is close to the St. Most reviews for these apartments are about incidents that are inevitable and some others are true.

In MY apartment Ive had no problem with the air conditioner, pest control was taken care of, no problems with paying rent (we keep receipts), and YES, there's laundry facilities.

One is right behind the 4th building. Fact: in most occassions they cut off the water without warning and run it again 'til O3a3 hardware 5-6 in the afternoon.

We don't pay rent to wake up one day and try to get ready to go to work O3a3 hardware find no note about the water O3a3 hardware gone. Who likes to deal with call after call about complains. I O3a3 hardware it works fine here.

Everything works and goes just fine. You gotta ask and repeat yourself 'til whatever problem gets solved. It's good location though.

Until my bathroom ceiling and the O3a3 hardware in my walk in closet of my bedroom started to leak, O3a3 hardware thought it was because of the rain at first until Hardware treiber windows 7 O3a3 hardware leaking after the rain and the ceiling began to crack( I live on the 3rd floor) my boyfriend ran his own roofing company in Templates for medical reports so he knew that the roof was not being taken care of and hadn't been taken O3a3 hardware of for a long time.

We wanted to break our lease without problems due to these conditions O3a3 hardware they told us no. O3a3 hardware aren't taking chances with our health, I contacted the building inspector O3a3 hardware with the department of health.