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If you are a an original musician that spends time on business models, Buy rave clothing media, a slammin product, a great look and a positive attitude, I also believe there are venues out there for you.

Can you draw 500 every night…probably not. But with original music, not every show is a winner. It is my experience that if people believe in what you are doing though, it works itself out.

They are the only acts that have a big draw. Most of my friends are so busy working that they cannot, and will not be able to see me very frequently.

Same thing applies to my co-workers. Besides, it is the CLUB that should Nordhavn motor boats attracting the people.

Instead of playing at a club, try making music videos for youtube, record your own music and publish it on cdbaby, play outside at venice beach, or on the street corner. Rent a venue and throw a party yourself.

Been trying Paul anka swings for young lovers cd tell bands this for 25 years. Yes, it has changed. Paul anka swings for young lovers cd the venues have not.

It happened recently to me again, we book this club, it could be a great place. Some drunk asshole starts touching some women and making passes, etc. Did they throw this piece of puke out. ALL of our fans (there were 28 there at the time) walked out of the place.

This was BEFORE SOUND CHECK. Paul anka swings for young lovers cd next time, there were 3 fights, no one was thrown out and a bunch of our people left. The next time a guy is standing on the bar and kicking peoples glasses off the bar.

They NEVER KICKED ANYONE OUT FOR ANY OF THESE THINGS. And this is what we have to deal with. The timing on this article is amazing.

It is my belief that if we can gather and Paul anka swings for young lovers cd about our needs as musicians, and invite venues to work with us, then everyone will benefit.

Really appreciate this article. There was a little feed back, but it basically went nowhere. I have stopped playing several clubs in town because of the lack of respect and the money. The club scene here has dwindled steadily for the last 10 years, and there Paul anka swings for young lovers cd few places to play.

Lots of sub-standard music to go around so the professionals get short changed on a regular Wall suction regulators. The comments made by TIMKAT (below) are also right on.

Where is the logic. Certainly, most musicians I talk with are experiencing similar things where ever they are in the US. Is the rest of the globe any different. How do you keep explaining to the IRS that you spend way more to be a musician than you make.

WE TAKE A CHANCE ON YOU, TOO. I use to play at a large club on Cape Cod. It held about 1200 people.