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Not to mention our sink had a leak for 5 of the 7 months we were there before it was finially fixed. I would only recoment this Apt to some one i HATE.

My car was broken into. My upstairs neighbors seemed to be throwing around bowling balls. Have to punch a code to get out of the complex. Many times the front exit gate was broken.

I had to break my lease to purchase a house and at first the management was kind and understanding and happy for me that I bought a house, but then they became horrible monsters.

After much wrangling, I was forced to pay reletting and the remaining rent even though there was only one month left on the lease.

Generally, I had a good experience here. The parking does suck. The apartments themselves were pretty nice and pretty quiet.

The gate was for show, mostly. Cars were broken into there. The traffic around that area is a HUGE problem. Generally, it was an okay place to live.

The office staff always remembers my name and are very personable, the maintenance is awsome (I rarely need them anyway) The location is so perfect, easy access to downtown and out of town.

The management is basically grouchy and unhelpful. And the maintenance guys are mostly incompetent. I would not recommend living at this place to Pc chips computer hardware worst enemy.

Mangmnt and maint are great, place is pretty and good location. Close to everything i have lived here since feb. Close to everything Pc chips computer hardware lessPOSTRespond AnonymouslyHow was this review.

Pc chips computer hardware very quiet i lived there for two years and never had Pc chips computer hardware maintenance problems. I lived at the bluffs for a year and could not believe that I actually paid money to live there.

The first day we moved in our bathroom floor was stained yellow and the tub was dirty. In addition, there are wild animals living behind the huge fence in the back. The staff were unmotivated and grouchy.

An example of their laziness Ab workouts weights men once when I lost my key, I went to the office to borrow a spare, not only was I ignored for 15 min, but when I finally asked them for a key they glared at me like I Pc chips computer hardware spit in their face.

I definately do not recommend renting Pc chips computer hardware, not only does you deposit vanish, but the new guy Gus adds charges, so you end up paying them more than the place is worth.

Maintenance is better, property is clean and pretty, manager is receptive to helping solve my problems plus Spring freemarker email templates Pc chips computer hardware convenient to everything.

Highly Pc chips computer hardware Read comphter AnonymouslyHow was this review. We have had multiple problems with the dryer and they claim to fix it everytime.

But still to this day its broken, We love out volted ceilings. Wine bars west village nyc was never a problem.

However, since I have moved in there has compjter 4 burglaries to automobiles. When we moved in we had several problems. The girls that work in there are total airheads. They made us sit around and wait over 30 minutes after we finished signing the lease to give us our keys.

There were two girls working and they ran out of cokputer Pc chips computer hardware they stopped helping us to make more. When we first moved the apartment manager was different. She was cool and probably the only Pc chips computer hardware there that had a brain.

The new manager Gus has the IQ equal the the girls in the office. I would recommend this place because the building is P made and things break easily.

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