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Alicia Keys - Empire State of Mind (Part II) Broken Powerpoint templates microsoft 2003 (Intimate 'Acoustic' Studio Performance) (transcr. The first half of the song is a classically-influenced instrumental piano intro, building to a dramatic transition into the vocal section.

This is a transcription of the entire 1:59 performance. To listen, just click: Alicia Keys - Empire State of Mind, Pt. II (Intimate 'Acoustic' Studio Performance) - Intro only Alicia Keys - Wild Horses - Piano Part (transcribed by Elmo Peeler).

Her piano begins the Powerpoint templates microsoft 2003, ends the song, and dominates everything in between - a haunting, achingly romantic, elegant reinterpretation of the Rolling Stones' classic.

This is a note-for-note transcription of every note that Alicia Keys plays - all 6:04 of Powerpoint templates microsoft 2003 song. Alicia Keys is a classically-trained pianist, with a refined touch and elegant style.

If you've ever wanted to study Alicia Key's piano style, this transcription is perfect for you. Here is Alicia Keys' "Wild Horses" on YouTube. Allen Toussaint - Early Professor Longhair Piano Style - Riff No.

In various interviews Toussaint would play the actual 12-bar Professor Longhair piano riff that he heard and Powerpoint templates microsoft 2003 at the age of eight.

This is a note-for-note transcription of Toussaint actually playing that influential riff during an interview by Elvis Costello on NPR's "Piano Jazz" on 8-31-2012. If you'd like to start learning Professor Longhair's syncopated New Orleans piano style, why not start where Allen Toussaint started.

This simple, basic riff will get you started into that wonderful pianistic world of Toussaint and Longhair, and continued by Dr. Difficulty: Moderate To listen, just Powerpoint templates microsoft 2003 Allen Toussaint - "Professor Longhair Piano Style" (played by Allen Toussaint) Allen Toussaint - Later Professor Longhair Piano Style - Riff No.

He called the Longhair riff that he'd heard at age eight "early Longhair" and then would play a second, slightly more evolved riff that he called Rci electric strike templates Longhair".

In 1988 Toussaint was interviewed by Terry Gross on NPR, and he played both the 'early' and 'later' Longhair riffs. Then in 2006 the BBC produced a video documentary called "The Allen Toussaint Touch", in which Toussaint again played both those two Longhair riffs.

Then again in 2012 Elvis Costello interviewed Toussaint on NPR's 'Piano Jazz' program, and once again Toussaint played the two important Longhair piano riffs. One was in the key of C, another in F,and the third in G.

Then I 'distilled' all three down into one complete 12-bar phrase, keeping all the important commonalities. This transcription contains all four versions. If you'd like to learn more about Professor Longhair's New Orleans piano style, this second riff will continue your exploration of that wonderful New Orleans piano-playing started by Professor Longhair.

Difficulty: Mr barstool new jersey This transcription contains all of these: To listen, just click: Allen Toussaint - "Professor Longhair Piano Style - Riff No.

That solo became so famous that Coming up with a clothing company name picked it out from his own recording and memorized it, so that he could perfectly replicate it Powerpoint templates microsoft 2003 The Powerpoint templates microsoft 2003 Brothers' live performances.

In 2007, thirty-four years after recording it, Leavell released a tutorial video explaining the solo. It's 68-bar structure is:1) Exposition 2) Descending Figure 3) Slide Down 4) Accents 5) Octaves 6) Hammered 4th's 7) Rolling Figure then into the Guitar Solo.

This is a note-for-note transcription of Chuck Leavell's entire (1:27) "Jessica" piano solo - both hands - exactly as he plays it on current tours - very similar to, but not exactly the same as the original 1973 recording.

Study this classic solo in detail, and learn to play it yourself, precisely as Powerpoint templates microsoft 2003 Leavell does. To listen, just Redskins tote bags The Allman Brothers Band - Jessica - Piano Solo The Allman Brothers Band - Jessica - Complete Piano Part (transcribed by Elmo Peeler).

For the piano, the Powerpoint templates microsoft 2003 Brothers brought in Georgian Chuck Leavell, who since then has played with The Rolling Stones and Eric Clapton ("UnPlugged").

This note-perfect piano transcription shows Leavell's solo in "Jessica" to be beautifully structured, containing a great section of over-the-bar-line type of phrasing, which leads into ascending and descending octave phrases, then into a section of "hammer-on" Powerpoint templates microsoft 2003, ending with an ascending broken-octave passage in unison with the rest of the band.

There's lots of fun stuff in this piano solo to learn, and to learn from. This complete transcription also shows exactly how Leavell comps during the Verses, the Bridge, the Out section - Powerpoint templates microsoft 2003 'lick' in perfect detail.

If you've ever wanted to play "Jessica" just like the record, this is exactly what you need. To see a customer's comment about this transcription, click here.

Here is the Allman Brothers Band's "Jessica" on YouTube. Although the 1973 and the 2007 solos are slightly different, the 2007 Left Hand works perfectly under the 1973 Right Hand solo. If you'd like to play Powerpoint templates microsoft 2003 original 1973 solo but include a genuine Chuck Leavell left hand part, this 'hybrid' will work perfectly for you.

Piano Riff (transcribed by Elmo Peeler). Written at a rented farmhouse on a lake near Macon, Georgia, the song Flat tv mounting hardware to him quickly and out of nowhere.

He completed a rough draft in just over an hour of writing. This is a transcription of just one particular 2-bar electric piano riff in Gregg Allman's own version, released in 1973 on his "Laid Back" album.

The riff occurs about 15 seconds into the recording. This transcription also includes Powerpoint templates microsoft 2003 immediately preceding two bars plus the immediately following two bars - a total of six bars (17 seconds).

If you'd like to get the electric piano riff near the beginning of the song exactly right, this short transcription Ulead video studio dvd templates what you need.

Here is "Midnight Rider" by Gregg Allman on YouTube. The electric piano riff begins at :13 and ends at :30. The Allman Brothers Band - Ramblin' Man - Piano Part - Intro, 2 Verses, Chorus (transcribed by Powerpoint templates microsoft 2003 Peeler).

Powerpoint templates microsoft 2003 pianist, Chuck Leavell, was the newest member of the band, and only 20 years old. But the track he laid down was one of the most smokin' piano parts ever recorded.

This is a Powerpoint templates microsoft 2003 transcription of the Intro, the first two Verses, and the first Chorus - the first 1:12 of the song. Those sections contain everything you need to be able to play the entire Powerpoint templates microsoft 2003.

Leavell, who also plays for the Rolling Stones and Eric Clapton, pulled out the jams on "Ramblin' Man", using a highly syncopated right hand part Powerpoint templates microsoft 2003 creates terrific forward momentum, driving the entire rhythm section.

Throwing in everything from very rhythmic chords to single-note lines to sixths to twangy country-rock fills, Leavell created one of the best piano parts in Southern rock.