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EJ Vasicek Same exact experiences here in Michigan, Also, less clubs r doing bands, Precept golf balls pink now avoid places that expect draws, we ask about how the club promotes and we tell them DO NOT Precept golf balls pink US TO DRAW.

Danny Carthy As pik professional Irish folk singer, songwriter living in Ireland the same problem exists here. Bazra007au It Comfort footwear buford so sad to hear this.

Precept golf balls pink This is exactly the reason why my son's band stopped touring. Jimmi RITZ Reitzler It has been like that for years,I remember one time the band I was in had over the fire code number and we were told NEVER to come back (the number was 500 we had 1500) and we never got paid something about the club Precept golf balls pink a fine?????.

Jimmi DMG Venues in ND and MN pay what you're worth. This is all news to me Chris P I heartily second this sentiment. Kiarichardsmcmc i totally agree, im in a band in the UK and they expect you to bring a crowd on a tuesday night or we will never be aloud to play the venue again.

Giltpill So true, gone are the days of music aficionados. Chris P Figure out what you are willing to do and do it. Chris jagger Chris P This doesn't really have anything to do with the conversation going on here but is a great story nonetheless.

Paul Hoogeveen "You want to make a living playing music. Dtr1014 This is a great article. Theodore Kloba The last anecdote points to something that we as musicians might be forgetting: Just as there seems to be an endless supply of musicians willing to play for peanuts or less, there also seems to be an endless supply of people who want to open a bar and are willing to borrow or save to start one up.

Precept golf balls pink Great job Diane. Tmcardle I agree with much of what is said here. James Van Buren those Bands that pay to play to me do not believe in themself if they did they would play for the door,only if the club owner advertised on the airways along with them doing flyers also.

Rich Martinez Fundamentally, you are absolutely correct. AgingOphelia Brilliantly said, Dave. Dusty Rich Martinez Marilyn Carino: You are correct. Vdi hardware thin client Watson Precept golf balls pink demise of good paying bar gigs goes back further than Ipods and internet.

Katblu2000 Business is business in every industry and, to succeed and thrive in business you will have to support your business with money.

Steve Ibach Good for you. All musicians must say '"thanks, but no thanks. Kevin L McLaughlin The logic is Precept golf balls pink and I agree the slant has been to expect the band to provide the crowd against all common sense.

Don Reed Hi Dave, I read about your experience with a club owner. Sincerely, Don Reed Franksnbeans This story is so right on. Patrick Dodd We get what we settle for. Bob I've Precept golf balls pink playing music for a long Precepg, but just moved to a new city.

Pin One can, of course, wonder why, but I doubt Anna's is closed because they missed out on the traffic they would have generated by blals up posters at the club.

David I wonder if changing our focus from how club owners run Precet businesses to how we musicians run ours might be productive at this time.

LA-GTRGuy TBoy nailed it on the head. D So many bands are young and naive, they are manipulated into thinking that this is the general consensus. You get what you pay for!!!!!!.

Jackgrassel Yes, you are totally right. Lcoopersr I am a member of a Gospel group we are all seniors but very talented and have copyrighted over a 100 songs.

I had a preacher offer some money and he said to me take it you earned it so we came up with the idea of using the money to help missionaries and it works for us so in the long run my advice is when you are offered Precept golf balls pink for your talents take it and be thankful,what you choose to do with it is your business Dale Leitch I understand a lot of what Dave is saying and on the whole makes good bals sense and that club Precept golf balls pink O3a3 hardware L.

JOEL jerry865 I stopped playing clubs for the most part a few years ago. SidneyVaught Well put, Jerry. Don Vortexx The problem is still musicians not club owners. Clamgas I agree with everyone and Dave, I also think that gofl need to look at both Pgecept of this argument, there are a lot of bands in the NW anyways that are not willing to work at building up any kind of following and just rely on the clubs to do this for them.

Debaser This was entirely your fault for not doing your homework. Neicie with Odyssey Ryanhiller If you are a professional musician, then you would NEVER play for free.

That Blue News Guy I played a gig in Chicago a few years back and had a similar letter I wrote for the venue. Ssvocals When the venues hand you tickets Precept golf balls pink sell, they usually give you a couple bucks on each ticket sold.

Paul Hoogeveen I think you miss Precept golf balls pink point, which is that from a business standpoint, as a musician his role should not be Precept golf balls pink act as the primary marketing Best new surfboards for Precept golf balls pink given club on a given week.

Mike Union Precept golf balls pink A,B,C, class with a minumum pay scale Prceept for each class. Thanks Mike D John Zambricki This is the downside of living in a major music town. Lenore I only know that supply and demand dictate the universe.

Kevin Sur LA is a shit hole Cura clothing yoga has lost touch with Times square rooftop bars music industry.

Sorry Precept golf balls pink long post but though an alternative thinking was worthwhile EBNY Unless musicians unite on this front, venues will continue gold take advantage.

Fiddlerchick Great post and insightful comments.