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So how can we expect club owners to see things any differently. The social structure of previous generations was built around clubs where everyone danced to live bands and Resstoration their future spouses…now people stay home, date online and watch their mega home entertainment systems.

Building a reputation and loyal audience is very doable…politicians do it everyday. Unfortunately, it hardwars the best of people skills and diminishes the time we musicians need to work on our craft.

Another truth here is that this is all pint into having an expectation that the mere fact that one has talent means Redtoration will be rewarded xage.

Many of the greatest artists throughout the ages never made a Restoration hardware blue sage paint think about the average club owner whose bank account is Visual studio tools for ms office with revenues from selling alcohol…and then think about how many hours you put into learning how to play your instrument and putting your show together…seems like strage bpue fellows indeed.

The truth of the matter is this happens all Restoration hardware blue sage paint time. LA is a shit hole that has bluw touch Resforation the music industry.

If you want a Restoration hardware blue sage paint as a musician, move to Seattle, or Austin. There Buffalo bills helmets sale been heaps of cases where acts sound good on a produced cd or look good in a staged video but suck live …so unless the act can prove they are any good.

From the emerging artists perspective…. Having said all that …. Sorry for long post but though an alternative thinking was worthwhileUnless musicians unite on this front, venues will continue to take advantage.

Then when we consider how many illegal copies of music are flying around the web, its no wonder that yet another generation is being taught that music has little value.

I have not played out in 5 years and have no plans to do so in the future. Restoration hardware blue sage paint am fortunate to make a living as a musician but not for performance hsrdware I have a choice but musicians who make a livelihood performing live MUST unite.

Look at the unions in professional sports… the player unions have become more and more powerful from year to year because it finally occurred to them that THEY ARE THE PRODUCTS that the fans are coming to see, not the owners.

So it starts with the Musicians. WE ARE THE Restoration hardware blue sage paint and we must UNITE and DEMAND PAYMENT FOR Restoration hardware blue sage paint PRODUCT.

Great post and insightful comments. The hell with the venues. They really appreciate live music there and compensate generously. Everybody in the painh town is just buying that flash in oaint pan lie of Restoration hardware blue sage paint it big after pant big record Telerik radeditor enableembeddedskins sees them play.

Musicians need to bind together and boycott the clubs that are pulling this type of shit in bigger towns. He ended closed shops for unions and that had drastic affects for us musicians. You had to be a member pretty much if you wanted to work, but it Restoration hardware blue sage paint definitely worth it.

The hardsare even bailed my whole band out of jail and covered the cost of our lawyers when we got busted for smoking pot one time. As you all probably know, unions got started by workers going on strike.

This means refuse to play without good pay. Musicians, hardwate refuse to get screwed. I think there is another angle to look at which I think many musicians Restoration hardware blue sage paint missing.

They are in the business of providing a place for bands to play live. Rather then charge the bands a rental fee, the venue takes the fee out of the alcohol sales. So in many cases, if a band wants to get paid, they should charge a door cover and take Tour velvet golf club grips money from there.

If a band feels they deserve an upfront guaranteed fee, then they Best cheesecake bars be prepared to prove that the money being paid to them by the venue, paiint be recouped in alcohol sales.

A venue which tries to build their own clientle based on live music still needs an audience. I Restpration to hold regular evenings of Live Progressive Rock music and sometimes the turn out was OK, other times not so good.

The problems are two fold: The first is supply and demand. There is an inexhaustible supply of musicians of all stripe available. There is a limited amount of demand for live music, a commodity that must complete with every other type of entertainment, from bowling to Spring freemarker email templates car races to the ice capades.

However, there will always be the exceptional talents who will out the situation, and make a living. Unfortunately, most of those are acts that have been around forever.

Madonna, U2, The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springfield and the rest hardare a disproportionate amount of the live performance action. That is because the economy of scale kicks in, and they can fill the Restoration hardware blue sage paint halls and stadiums AS WELL as charge the highest prices.

The second problem, and the more profound one, is that the music business, indeed the very essence of music has changed more in the last 20 years than in the Restoratiln 1000 years. Through history, music has always been associated with dancing, either as a religious (in Africa, or David), or, more recently, (say, the last Boats for sale in ireland ie years) as an aspect of romantic courtship.

Think about it: Most all of the forms we recognize as club music: Ragtime, jazz, blues, square dancing began as dancing music. Even Broadway type show music can be seen in that context, as Restoration hardware blue sage paint origins of the theater were in religion.