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Ruth haskins obgyn folsom ca

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I had been calling the week before to see if I could pick up the key the evening before so I could move in some small boxes, but no one would pick up.

Finally I got hold of another representative who told me that he would be taking over my paperwork because the initial representative left on vacation. I asked him about the key, and he had me on hold for a long time, as if he didn't even know I was moving in the next day.

He told me that it wasn't possible, which I was fine with, and I asked if I had the green light for the following morning. He told me yes and abruptly hung up the phone. The morning of my move I rented a U-Haul and my family took the day off to help me move in.

I called in the morning again to make sure it was okay to come, but no one picked up although it was business hours. I figured it would be okay to leave since I had already spoken to the representative the morning before, so we took off from my home in San Antonio and arrived at the Sunrise Bluff Apartment complex around 10:30am.

C clothing ronson went inside to meet my new leasing agent and sign my lease, but the representative seemed to have misplaced some of Ruth haskins obgyn folsom ca paperwork.

I asked that while he was organizing the Ruth haskins obgyn folsom ca if I could go take a look at the apartment. He told me sure, and said that the door should be open because maintenance was there.

It turned out the maintenance crew was still in the middle of cleaning the carpets in my apartment, and that it would be another 4 hours until everything was dry and ready to be moved into, something completely opposite from what was said to me Barbell weights phoenix az previous day when I spoke to the representative.

I went back to the representative, flustered, and told Ruth haskins obgyn folsom ca the situation: that I had Ruth haskins obgyn folsom ca my belongings ready to move in and my family awaiting the next move, but the maintenance told me it would be another 4 hours at the least before I could do anything.

He snapped back at me and told me that I wasn't even allowed to move into the apartment until after 4 pm, which wasn't expressed to me. He told me that my previous leasing agent should have told me that, and I told him that she didn't because she Ruth haskins obgyn folsom ca returned my calls.

He saw my frustration and told me that there was another apartment he had for his "buddy" that was all set right now and if I wanted it.

I took the key and went to go look at it, but was immediately turned off. Old tape was stuck to the light fixtures, the carpet had stains, and there were dead roaches laying all over.

I told him I wanted to go take a look at my original apartment one last time before I made any decisions. As I opened the door to my original apartment, I found the cleaning lady in the kitchen standing on the linoleum which was torn up by what seemed like a dog.

I asked her about the situation, and she said she had been calling the front office all morning to alert management that the workers who were suppose to come and put a new kitchen floor were not there yet and they were suppose Ruth haskins obgyn folsom ca have been there at 1.

At this point it was already close to 2. I went back to the representative and told him I didn't want the apartment after all because there seemed to be a lack of communication and organization throughout that establishment and I didn't want have to deal Site checkmate boats that for the next year.

I called the main offices of the complex the next day Blt sporting world address told them about my frustration and disappointment and asked if I could get any part my holding fee back.

I was told I was, and so I waited 8 weeks Rg3 redskins highlights youtube nothing came in the mail. I called back to the main offices and was snubbed by every representative until Ruth haskins obgyn folsom ca got to person I spoke to who said she would be sending me my money.

She told me she would call me back and never did. I called back several time and no one answered or returned my calls. Her name was ------------- Until this day I haven't seen any money or any form of acknowledgement for my disastrous moving day.

Let me say this, Ruth haskins obgyn folsom ca god my lease is almost up. They always shut the water off from 8am to 6pm about once a week.

They had hot water problems for about 5 months straight where i went without hot water for a week. They take 3 weeks to get something fixed in the apartments.

I feel un safe to go outside at night, there is always police cars everytime you turn around. The only employee in the office I like is ---- she actually helps.