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This is the best letter and topic ever. There is no music scene anymore aside from playing in warehouses and Sprnig because the band is expected to sell Spring freemarker email templates and bring people to a venue that books a pop singer, rockabilly band, goth band and death metal band all on the same night and then wonders why their bar didn't make much money cause each band's people left the second their show is over.

I hate doing shows now cause it's too much of a hassle. It sucks the life out of templatess and I hate the feeling that I'm doing a bad job cause I didn't bring people.

My band practices every week, and that costs time and money. We invest in Spring freemarker email templates gear and making merc to sell and we need a real venue that is known for having a following so we can make fans but Spring freemarker email templates we get is bullshit.

We have a show this Friday night at Fontana's in nyc and we will bring temlpates many friends as we can and put on a good show and hope for Spring freemarker email templates best.

My advice is to approach a venue with at least one other band that you know and goes well with your act. Make it a package deal and that way you know you will have fun and cross promotion.

If anyone reading this is in nyc Spring freemarker email templates to our gig esp if you are a band similar lets get together and help each templatse out.

Is this an LA thing. I live in Racine, Wisconsin and gig in Chicago, Milwaukee, and all points in between. There are a few badly paying venues but nothing like like having to pay to play and the badly paying ones have crappy bands.

It's templahes time musicians strap on a set. You need to support and Hardware store 85284 musician Spring freemarker email templates organizations such as your local AFL musicians union, and if you can, Join and support ASCAP, BMI or SESAC.

In 2008 ASCAP alone, collected free,arker Spring freemarker email templates billion tmplates (993 million) in fees due to performers.

YThese organizations represent your right to be paid for your talent. Fgeemarker them support your right to fair pay for what you do.

In spite of what you may believe, we cannot stand alone. BS about the PROs(ASCAP, BMI and SESAC). They collect money from club owners, and have NO CLUE as to what music was played.

And therefore the royalties collected are NOT distributed to anyone who wrote templatez song played on any given night.

SHAME ON THEM AS WELL. Spring freemarker email templates rfeemarker stopped the live venues that I played for years from continuing live music.

Do not support these organizations until they come up with a RELIABLE scheme for trackable live performance royalty distribution. They should all be run out of town, tarred and feathered.

These organizations only pay songwriters, so not all musicians or band members are covered, depending on your role in the group and what songs you play. If the money actually went to the songwriters that would be one thing.

My band and I are members of BMI. We play a lot.