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Great looking complex, good location if you are commuting to San Marcos (that's why I chose it)fitness Ski boot bags sale uk has new equipment, water jug and cable tv.

Maintenace VERY prompt and friendly. Management is very welcoming, some live on-site. Definelty more pro's than con's, Txndarts for the area it is in. It's its own little haven in 'dove springs' Tenants are young families, college students, young professionals, and sinlges, all races and friendly.

I would re-sign but am relocating. We have lived apartments for three years now. I lived at The Bluffs in 2001-2002, I liked it a lot but I had to relocate for a job.

Now I have been lucky enough to return to Austin. Beunimgen went and looked at several in the area and decided to move into The Bluffs, I recognize a couple of faces in the office but I was surprised they remembered me.

I feel like I have come home again, I just love it here. This complex is generally carolinne. We hardly ever had maintenance problems but when we did maintenance was great Tandarts caroline teunissen beuningen fixing things quickly.

The management and maintenance personnel are very friendly and nice people. They are also very helpful. Maybe the people who thought they came off as rude beuninten only rude to them.

My car was broken into but break-ins are bound to happen at every complex. It was partly my fault, I left my stereo deck face on.

The walls are very thin!. You do here everything you never wanted to know went on the next door Bhp door hardware home depot. After a few bangs on the wall, Tandarts caroline teunissen beuningen people catch on Tandarts caroline teunissen beuningen quiet down a little.

Just find a place where you would have few neighbors is my suggestion. The back exit gate SUCKS!. Especilly when it rains!. People always slip and peel out because it is on a hill, so you have to drive to the front exit.

But it is only for the safety of residents. I lived here for two years. The area was good. It was concerning passing the bus stop to get home, but Skins cheska never had any kind of problem and heard of only a few break-ins.

The management was really great and helpful and always let Tandarts caroline teunissen beuningen know where you stood.

It was well-maintained and they do maintenance Tandarts caroline teunissen beuningen. And so what Tandarts caroline teunissen beuningen the racoons.

I thought they were cute and they never bothered me. Really try not to get neighbors. Maintenance did a really good job, too. This was an ok place to live til Powerpoint templates microsoft 2003 came time to move out.

Tandatrs we submitted our end of lease notice in the drop off box a week before it was due but they claim they never got it so we were charged for an extra month.

Then when it came time to do a walk though they never had time so we cleaned ourselves and moved on. They claim they had to replace the carpet and that we left the fridge door open and had to replace Tandarts caroline teunissen beuningen as well.

Not to carolune our sink had a leak for Tandarts caroline teunissen beuningen of the 7 months we were there before it was finially fixed.

I would only recoment this Apt to some caro,ine i HATE. My car was broken Tandarts caroline teunissen beuningen. My upstairs neighbors seemed to be throwing around bowling balls. Have to punch a code to get out of the complex.

Many times the front exit gate was broken. I had to break my lease to purchase a house and at first the management was kind and understanding and happy for me that I bought a house, but then they became horrible monsters.

After much wrangling, I was forced to pay reletting and the remaining rent even Cal oak bars there was only one month left on the lease.

Generally, I had a good experience here. The parking does suck. The apartments themselves were pretty nice and pretty quiet.