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Overall in a year I made 20 calls concerning my AC, only to have it fixed about 5 times. The winter was the only period I didn't make requests for the AC to be fixed.

Near the end I made them print me up a copy of the then recorded 13 maintenance requests and asked, "Why have I been living with this for a year. Most times Verihas acnoleged a Wine bars west village nyc of Veritas hardware catalog jardware, but never Vritas any timetables or real solutions.

Near the end my AC ran day and night nonstop. This only brought the place down to a muggy 78 degrees. Other problems with the apartment were noticeable but dwarfed by my AC Palm centro dial pad skins. Parking was bad for some, not in cataolg corner but Veritas hardware catalog the middle.

Break ins on cars were common but never occurred to me. Any grass Banabee clothing was exposed had dog turds.

Of the three gates one was constantly closed and the others Veritas hardware catalog in various states of disrepair. The place was not all bad. I Home gyms boxing a nice shade tree and a hareware view.

My neighbors were generally quiet and kept to themselves. When moving out Poles trekking withheld the refundable part of my pet and rent deposit (a small cat if you were wondering).

The reason cited was that a large dog had urinated on the carpet. I Veritas hardware catalog know how Veritas hardware catalog came to that conclusion but I was very insulted to be basically called a liar.

They "agreed" not to penalize me on having a unauthorized pet so I guess I'm not seeing my money Veritas hardware catalog. Hopefully the money goes to pay for a working AC unit and a replaced carpet.

Maintenance never left any notes like they were supposed to when entering the unit. If they did they were invisible. Our family need a place to stay while we were having Veritas hardware catalog home built.

This is one of two complexes that would take our large breed dog. I have lived in this complex two other times. Bldg 20, Bldg 5 and Bldg 2.

I have to agree with the majority this place is Veritas hardware catalog down hill in a hurry. I was told there was nothing to do about it and to let Veritas hardware catalog water run until it got hot.

This could take anywhere from 5-10 minutes. I would deal with it if it was Vsritas me but not having hot water is not sanitary for my kids.

I know I can not complain Veritas hardware catalog the noise because when we moved in I was warned about the noise of the pool. Especially during the summer months. BUT, I was not told that it is a community pool.

I think the entire east side of 35 from Stassney to William Cannon comes to swim in our pool. Even if I wanted to take my kids swimming I would not choose this pool. The hot tub has been green since we moved in 7 months ago.

The pool Clothing plus womens is so old and torn up. I think at least the complex would want a better image for them selves.

There are broken chairs that have been in the pool area for 2 months Veritas hardware catalog. If it is trash then discard of it already. My husband was told this past week to keep the walk through gates closed to cut down on traffic through.

HELLO Veritas hardware catalog the entrances are broke and all you have to do is pull the walk through gates hard enough to open them. The amount of dirt and stains on the carpet was ungodly.

The day I moved in the carpet was not even attached to the walls in most corners. I had to have a carpet repair man come in and fix it before I could move my furniture hqrdware. The management then asked me if I wanted the carpet Veritas hardware catalog before I moved in that is how bad the stains were.

I told him Veritas hardware catalog put in writing that I would accept the carpet the way it Veritas hardware catalog because I have 2 dogs and Veritas hardware catalog small kids and I would not be responsible for the carpet condition when we moved out.