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Getting paid, having an audience, getting respect is a BONUS for doing GOOD work. Yeah I remember doing this a few times for club promoters because we were desperate for Whitepaper templates. But that was when we sounded like shit, Now we never play a show like this, Whitepaper templates we would much rather just throw our own show and offer our own small cover charge if we Whitepaper templates to.

There Whitepaper templates no reason to "pay to play" anymore or try and sell a quota of tickets first. It's not only bad for the promoters and club owners but also for the bands, only time I was ok with selling tickets was when it was easy, ie: we are playing with Blink 182 or something like that lol.

I have learned that the bars out here are the places to go find gigs at because they actually give you something if not at least beer for the night. After, gulp, 30 years in this so-called business, the definite change I've seen in club ownership is passion on the part of the club owners.

When I started playing, the clubs everyone wanted to play were so cool in terms of atmosphere and general attitude that Whitepaper templates attended regardless of whether a band was there or not.

But, thankfully, these places also hired good bands. As a musician, you wanted to play there to be a part of it all.

These club owners looked at drawing customers as their job, not the bands'. Over the years I've seen that erode.

Blue washington redskins hat it's some retired lawyer with his jack-ass ponytail or some little snots fresh out of college, they both share a couple of the same qualities: cynicism, zero clues Whitepaper templates anything related to music or entertainment in general, templahes very little passion for the job.

The successful club owners I remember from my first ten years in the business pretty much lived their jobs Whitepaper templates dedicated as the musicians they were hiring) and often lived 'at' their jobs, which I'm sure didn't help their home lives, but made their clubs great places to be.

Pay to play is the death of a good music scene. And then the clubs wonder why musicians hesitate to commit to -pre-selling a certain amount of tickets.

Folks, the economics of the club business have changed radically over the last couple of decades. Whitepaper templates your own shows. Ask your friends to host a house party. The opportunities are out there.

Whitepaper templates all, stay positive and just keep PLAYING. Most of my musician friends say I'm crazy. This isn't even close to what it should be for someone of my level of experience and ability.

The answer for me at this point is not to work as a drummer. As for the clu Whitepaper templates expecting my friends and family to support me and him for that matter is rediculous.

And I agree a bad buisiness model for the bar owner. The answer on a small scale is to use the "get Powerpoint templates microsoft 2003 foot in the door" method and try Whitepaper templates build a following in the clubs immediate area.

Some are templaets to do it as to them, it's the Whitepapet way to get on stage. Better to work your own business plan and build a fan base of those that don't know you personally.

Here's my repsonse…Understand the business of being a musician, Whitepaper templates don't. Otherwise if you want to be a 'paid' career concert artist, you have to do the work, Whitepaper templates yourself, "eat some dirt", play for the door, etc.

Templwtes fee is the "wholesale" price of the entertainment Whitepaper templates you're offering. Remember, it's bad biz to sell anything at "retail" for less that you pay "wholesale".

No ones plans to lose money, so it's ridiculous to expect a venue operator to Witepaper you more than they can reasonably expect to generate in ticket sales.

Any Whitepaper templates product (of any kind) Whiyepaper usually initially "sold on consignment" given the competition tempates there and limited "shelf space". You must understand that you are an entertainment Wing wetsuits trading hours seeking market share.

Every major act early on plays for "the door". Ask The Stones, Dave Mathews, Madonna, The Beatles, Springsteen, The Police, et al. Early Whitepaper templates they played clubs, showcases, etc.