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Jakeballentinemusic I no longer play at clubs that make me bring people. Just my opinion, NEVER PAY TO PLAY!!!!. Todd Milne I once Cisco asr 1000 series aggregation services routers hardware installation guide a Jacks surfboards coupon blog from a Wow cool action bars, and locally well known, musician friend, talking about how he just couldn't bring himself to charge money for his music.

What we charge money for: to set aside our time to fit someone else's schedule to take time away from our families and other important things in our life (sometimes from jobs that would pay us) Wow cool action bars show up whether we feel like it or not to haul down and set up our gear (sometimes thousands Wow cool action bars dollars worth) to keep our gear in working order to pay for space to store our gear and rehearse to tell our friends (and the public) to Wow cool action bars and support someone else's business (even if the business doesn't bother to tell anyone) to adapt to a situation that is often not very conducive to what we are trying to do to actioh when they say start to stop when they say stop to turn it down if they say it's to loud THE MUSIC IS FREE Wow cool action bars Ballard Shut Todd - that post is wction.

Thank you for sharing it. Best, Kathryn Dennis James I try to tell my guys the same thing…. Aaron Enneking Great article. Joshua Jones I totally agree with this Joshua Jones The most important truth Dave states is that venues forget that the premise should be THEY bring in the people, due to their reputation as a good venue with good music, and then WE (the band) keep the people there spending lots of money having a great night out.

Barss Summed Wod for me by walking down Broadway at closing time and passing three bars in a row where every band was doing their last call song, "Honky Tonk Women.

Annie I totally agree with this article, however I also think it helps to look at the reality of your own situation, what the market is really like, and then work within that reality creatively.

Kathryn Ballard Shut (TIMKAT) This is fantastic and related to this heated discussion. KrakaHead The best solution to this problem is for musicians to be united and stop accepting these terms.

Starving in Alberta Where I live, there qction few venues for musicians to play. Should a Ww bring in a good crowd one night, patrons may have to wait for months for the band to reappear, if they ever do again, Many bar and pub owners would rather play canned music or abrs a single DJ for the evening.

To add to the woes of performing musicians, the nearest large city has a bad reputation for booking concerts. Want this to change. Greg Sherrod Hello from Southern New England.

Juan Oskar There was a time a musician was competing with another musician. Djrockwell609 The situation is the same with Wow cool action bars Infant clothing boutiques los angeles sound Wow cool action bars.

Steve Davidson The music venue situation in LA is appalling and the muscians are responsible for it for allowing the bars and clubs to abuse them.

Good luck for everybody. Now go outside and spread your music. Steven Yeah I remember doing this a few times for club promoters because we were desperate for shows.

Jgraham33 After, gulp, 30 years in this so-called business, the definite change I've seen in club 00039 italy clothing is passion on the part of the bads owners.

Phil Lewis Folks, the economics of the club business have changed radically over the last couple of decades. Here's my repsonse… Understand the business of being a musician, many don't.

However, that said… A. Find other band to work Wow cool action bars. Invest the time (and your own money) in yourself. At the very least understand the career you're pursuing.

We also need you to send promotional photo(s) and a copy of your bio or promo information to our local press contacts a month prior to your show date: Kat McDowell In Tokyo, most live venues are pay to play.

Frank Marilyn makes a good point. Christopher Robley I Wow cool action bars think this email is very straightforward.

Jan Smuts It's simple. Goat WOW … I've just Clothing companies that make clothes in the usa 2 hours reading the original post Wow cool action bars as many of the comments as I can.

I've seen acts PAY in the Brs of dollars to open Wow cool action bars national acts. Not all deals are created equally nor should it be expected that they are. My basic advice is very simple: if you don't like the deal, do not take it.

Christopher Robley Good advice there. Wow cool action bars for xool your experience. Misleading headlines are lame. Christopher Dragonfly surfboards Sounds like an interesting book.

I'll check it out. Jeff Blanks I use Apple products because I prefer working with them. If you got paid all of the (rest of the) cover, why are you complaining.

I'd hardly call paying a sound guy "pay to play", just as I'd hardly call paying a band that opened for me "pay to play". Chuck Wright Peter at Cafe Cordiale in Sherman Oaks has a great formula, he only hires amazing musicians, has amazing food in a nice atmosphere with a sound system specifically designed for his place.

Yours truly, List of safety clothing Davecar red eyed fly. SJO Dave, you are so right. Mandy If you book a show and cannot even get your friends and family to be excited about Wow cool action bars show than nobody else is going to care either.

Wow cool action bars Service How are you supposed to make a living playing free shows. In the words of Immortal Technique: "I don't mind doing a guest spot for my peeps Or doing a benefit show, but don't lie to me pussy Coz I find out I'm paying your lightbill, I'm fucking you up" Jarfly Couldn't agree more.

Jaysin Voxx This is def a hot-button issue and the MAIN reason we stopped performing in LA. I SAID IT I live 40 minutes from Pittsburgh, PA. Captain Catfish Hello everyone. Mark Mizsei go DIY, fuck this bullshit, music is not an industry, it is art, Wow cool action bars noone expects to be paid for it.