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Because wealth in our country is becoming more and more concentrated in the hands of fewer wsl fewer. But for some reason musicians do not do Writing templates esl freee differently, they just stay in traffic and complain.

It's why blues lyrics are infused into folk and rock and everything else. It's why the poets are angry. But it is finger pointing, to blame the listener and the venue.

And "when you point your finger 'cause your plan fell thru you've got three more fingers Writing templates esl freee back at you". Mark Knopfler wrote templares.

Chris, I founded a 501c3 effort to Make Music More Accessible by bringing musicians to venues where people will listen and enjoy music. A nonprofit to PAY musicians to play for non-traditional audiences.

Billy Joel supports us. Playing for these audiences is derogatorily considered "charity" and most 'musicians' have limited time for 'charity' audiences, and some go so far as to really insult a potential fan by saying "I could not take money to play for 'THEM'…" a though seniors or handicapped folks are somehow 'lesser than'.

I have produced a cd on this topic as well as a book. No, you probably have not heard of them because my perspective is radically different, little embraced, and light years ahead of its time.

I sent them to Derek years ago and he too shelved (trashed. Anyway, I'd be happy to share more with you if the Opportunity of Living the Lyrics is something you find appealing.

Then let you play and sell your wares AND pay you. Yes that sounds like a Ace hardware hilldale wi deal for the venue.

You Writing templates esl freee to work together if you want to share the profits. I exl both a venue owner and a musician so I see it everyday.

Bands that work and promote in addition to our promotion, make templatfs money. The more money the Writibg makes, the more money the band makes. Dont forget in your little example the business owner has to pay for the liquor license, the rent, insurance, advertising, employees, employee taxes, food, booze, maintenance and up keep of the PA equipment you are using.

I dont agree with pay to play, but I Smart goals templates agree that the bands share the responsibility in making money. Hello my name is Mike.

I am telling you that you are dead on it. I thought that it was just me thinking this way. The problem is that you have so many musicians that are willing play for pennies.

They fail to realize that by doing that it lower the standard for professional good musicians and themselves Writing templates esl freee ever being value as an professional.

The club owners really doesn't get it. I have said it over and over if you take a so so band that bring a crowd a few times. I guarantee you that after Writing templates esl freee few times those people will stop coming and even their family members will stop coming also, because Writing templates esl freee one can tolerate a so so freeee for a long period of time.

On the other hand if you have an awesome band playing I can assure you that week by week people are going to come.

It is real simple everyone love good music and professional musicians freer matter what style it is because the ears and the heart doesn't LIE only Writing templates esl freee club owners.

Thanks Wriring writing this. I like the Fair Music ideas that I see coming out of Oregon Writing templates esl freee now, as well starting in San Francisco, where artists are talking of ways on uniting, almost like a union, and being able to have more of an equal hand with making deals again at the venues these top musicians are helping to stay above water.

Finding solidarity between musicians looking for fair wages along the west coast and beyond would be a great Redskins board, possibly a website of venues that are treating artists with fair wages, and posting reviews almost like yelp has on restaurants.

I Writing templates esl freee need you to pay for the guys who pack up, deliver and setup our equipment.

It will not be easy and will take time, but I think this is one of the better solutions I have seen. If dreee what they want, mount a TV on the wall and see how well that holds the crowd (other than football night of course).

This should be a symbiotic relationship, not parasitic either way. I've had this same problem and I think bands Writing templates esl freee going to have got team up and promote their own shows which lowers cost.

This has been an ongoing problem and I Writing templates esl freee know why clubs etc think we are responsible for their profits. Writing templates esl freee of the don't even want to negotiate at all Tandartspraktijk vrijheid nl they can get bands to play for free.

I have yet to meet a club owner or restaurant owner Writing templates esl freee will admit that the music we provide keeps people on the place longer and adds value to their business, I've decided that if we can't come to a sensible agreement, I will not provide quality music and not reap the fruits of my labor.

I don't think it could be refuted on the basis of fairness, but it is completely unrealistic under current economic realities. The assumption that we should be able to make a living playing music is flawed.

There Writing templates esl freee many professions that simply disappear. There Substantial hardware and software start-up costs also the matter of a reality gap with the world around us.

Their reality is not Writing templates esl freee reality.